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Loz's dirt bike bonanza

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. ...So SammyQ picked me up at half past midnight last night to take me down to Anglesea to meet a few of his cousins and go dirt bike riding. I've done bugger-all of it and Matty and I have been looking around for cheap ways to get started, so this chance was too good to pass up.

    We got to the house at about 2am and played pingpong for about an hour, which was f*cking stupid, then hit the sack to the strains of the pissheads next door belting out "time of your life" at the top of their lungs.

    In the morning, we dragged the fleet of bikes out from under the house. A Honda XR250 (4-stroke), a 100cc Kwaka 2-stroke, and the two big daddies: a Honda CR500R and a Kwaka KX500 - both of them 500cc 2-stroke bollock-tearing weapons, both tools for the serious mentalist.

    I was supposed to take one of the 500s, but I couldn't kick start the bastards for the life of me, and just punting it up and down the back road beside the house left me in such a state of utter terror that I gratefully switched for the 2fiddy and out we went.

    We moseyed down to a national park set around a big quarry and belted off down a well-maintained dirt road. The 250 wasn't real interested in going much faster than about 100kmh, but when your arse is sliding around all over the road, that feels bloody quick to me.

    Cam led us off down the first trail he found, a sandy, corrugated track with plenty of ruts, hills and some tight corners. I got into the swing of things pretty fast, feeling confident and yelling inside my helmet. Testing my luck, I belted past Cam who was struggling to keep the CR500R's wheels from spinning everywhere and tried setting the pace for a while.

    Excitement alone got me into and out of some hairy situations, crossing the bike up, fishtailing wildly through corners and bouncing off the lumpy surface.... Then overconfidence bit as I started trying to slide in the sandy corners a bit more, the front tucked under and down I came in the widest, softest cushion of luxury sand on the whole trail. Heh heh. No harm done.

    I took it a bit easier for a while after that, hanging back a bit but still getting stuck into the odd hill climb or descent, giggling as the arse end flew from side to side under power.

    I'm told there were some magnificant views but I spent most of the time in bug-eyed focus on the track ahead: Woop, jump, on yer feet, now pick a rut, or should I skirt along the crown in the middle? How deep's that puddle? Stop sticking your knee out and leaning in, push the bike down into the corner under you and let the sides of the knobblies find a bit of grip. Give it some, slide the back, or cross it up on the rear brake for a laugh.

    We spent a few hours out there before belting back up to the house, squinting to see through a bit of sleet. SammyQ had fried the 100cc Kwaka's gearbox and it was time to go back for a feed and a spanner session.

    We went down to the local fish n chippy for lunch in Timmy's clapped-out stretch limo, which he and his brother bought to take around Australia on their Mullet-headed Bogan Tour of 2003. All class.

    Cam and Sammy were mad keen to head out for another session in the late arvo, and I let myself get talked into it. Of course, because the 100 had dropped its guts, sammy had to take the 250, which left me with the KX500. I wasn't real keen on that thing. Why not?

    Well, it was a f*cking animal. 500cc 2-stroke single, god knows how much power but it all arrived with the slightest tweak of the throttle. The highly-strung engine needed a touch of gas at all times to prevent it from stalling and the 15-minute process of kickstarting the bastard again. The clutch was one of those nothing, nothing, nothing, JESUS CHRIST affairs, it grabbed so quickly and with such ferocity that any gear change invariably resulted in a rear wheel spin or an invlountary, uncontrollable wheelie.

    So in addition to being a complete dirt novice I was now riding a bike that needed to be babied to stop it stalling, but whose throttle was an on-off switch of vicious, nasty power that yanked on my shoulders and threatened to chuck me off the back in every gear. Yay.

    I spent the following hour and a half in a constant state of boggle-eyed horror as the howling Kawasaki dragged me kicking and screaming up and down some vicious, slippery hill trails. It was getting dark, it was muddy and slippery, every muscle in my body was aching and I was petrified of my evil, posessed motorcycle in ways I've never felt before.

    Christ knows how I managed not to dump the rabid f*cking thing but I was constantly terrified for the entire second session, swearing and muttering and praying into my chinpiece until, heart thumping, I skidded it back into the yard and threw the evil prick against a tree. Never again, I swear to you, will I ride a 500cc 2-stroke dirt bike. And, friends, if you ever get the chance I solemnly advise you to walk right the f*ck away.

    It was a pretty amazing day, thanks to SammyQ and his legendary horde of cousins for the heads-up and the loan of the bikes, the limo ride, etc etc etc. Roarin was gonna meet us and come show us his game, but couldn't make it in the end, so I'll get out and ride with him some other time.

    Right now I'm exhausted and my whole body feels like it's gonna fall off, I bet I'll be a completely useless lump of jelly tomorrow at work, and my boots are completely encrusted in mud, that'll be a lovely look under my suit pants.

    I've got a hell of a lot to learn about dirt riding, but I can definately see how it delivers a shitload of smiles per mile compared to the road. I'll be back out there soon I reckon, I just need to keep an eye out for cheap old bikes!

    A couple of photos from the day:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/Library 2.html

    I didn't take any photos of that arsehole kawasaki, but it's this one:

    Over n out
  2. you're first proper dirt bike ride was on a KX500? fcuk! That's one hell of an initiation!
  3. Great report Loz!

    Sounds like you had a ball. You think you're sore or stiff now, just wait until tomorrow/Tuesday :LOL:
  4. wooohhoooo. go loz!!! may the gods of all things wild and muddy go with you and may you be forever blessed with the ability to tame the beast between your legs :LOL: :LOL:
  5. ahahahaha :LOL:
    Still giggling here, mate...A terrific report, and insight into dirt bike riding for the uninitiated.
    It's different to the road aint it. :LOL:
    Shame you did'nt hook up with Movin'...

    The fact that you managed to survive a 500cc 2-stroke for a first foray is a real brag - well done Loz!. I remember walking past one during a rest stop out bush once, that was leaning against a tree - I coulda sworn it lunged and snapped at me as it tried to take a chunk out my leg, but I scrambled away to safety... :LOL: :LOL:
  6. :LOL: Great read Loz, man that bike sounded scary as hell! :LOL:
  7. Oh.... the pain.... It hurts everywhere....
  8. I had a squirt on the 100 before it shat itself as well... I've decided I'm not a fan of 2-strokes. Everything's too immediate and manic, I don't understand the power delivery.

    Then again, never say never eh?
  9. Great read Loz, well done. Mate I can feel your pain lol. When I lived out in Longreach a friend had a 91 KX500 which he used to "force" me to ride. Now at that time I was about 75kg dripping wet and that beast just loved launching the front wheel whenever you looked sideways at it. Don't you just love launching it down a straight track hitting the power band and then trying to sit on the bars to keep the nose down!

    Sounds like a great day was had by all. Being a bit of a country boy myself we lived on these things as kids. I'd still love a CR250. The new ones are quite nice I've heard :twisted:
  10. Yeah I guess there's a certain macabre fascination about riding a thing like that, I was brickin' myself just taking it down the road. Still, reading the reviews, owners seem to love 'em so maybe we're just a pair of wuss-bags or something :shock:

    I'll confess I did open it up in third to the throttle stop, on a long straight pretty flat bit, and the top end wasn't as drastic as I'd feared - so maybe high in the revs is the place to ride 'em. I dunno, buggered if I'm game to go try again.
  11. Great read, Loz!
    Was the KX500 like any street bike you have ever ridden?
    Sounds like you had fun..... :wink:
  12. Ah, the buzz of a 2 stroke power rush!! It's addictive, but then I've never ridden a dirt bike...
  13. If you think the KX500 is a handful you should try a new YZ or KX 250. They put out just as much power as the old 500s but with even more urgency.
    What really lacks with the CR/KX500s is modern suspension and perimeter frames. With those added they'd be a much tamer beast and perfect for trail riding with that heavy mid range. If the clutch was either on/off then tell your mate his clutch basket is notched up and needs to be machined. This would explain the wanting to either stall or launch. To tame it even further he can add a flywheel weight which will also reduce stalling at slow speeds, for example when riding single trail.
  14. Once you get used to them I think you can love them. Yeah the snap from Put-put to Faaaaaarrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk can be a bit off putting. I had a CR125 in the early 90's and It was a blast to ride. Going for a dirt squirt every now and then should be compulsory!
  15. Dude,you dont do things by halves do you,I remember after 5 years of trailriding,always on XR2fiiddy,s,3 fiddy,s and 600,s and me Ol XL500 thumpa that would climb tree,s,I jumped on a mates KX250 2 stroke,it was the most unpleasant experience trailriding I have ever had,and you where on a 500 :!: ,and your first ride :WStupid:
    I still have a dislocated shoulder from it I reckon,15 years later :cry: so can toooootally empathise with your plight there Loz.People tend to be either 2 stroker fan,or 4 stroker,all power to em,I cant ride de basteds for sheeet.But in the words of Neitsche,doesnt kill ya,although youre not sounding stronger,downright battered and bruised ,yes,stornger,no.
    Mate,try a XR400,600 or 650 next time :grin: much more user friendly,but if you can,keep it up,trailriding in winter is an absolute :woot:
  16. Heh, I'm glad I'm not the only one guys, makes me feel a lot better.

    And what about that feeling of utter desperate frustration when the rest of the guys have shot off down some trail and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and the bad-tempered shit of a thing you're riding won't kick start?

    Boot, boot, boot, pant, wheeze, boot, boot, boot, FAAAAAARK! Breathe deeply. Boot, boot, boot, scream, throw bike on side. Check phone, no reception, wonder if you'll ever make it back to the house, pick up bike, boot, boot, boot... Doesn't even feel like it's turning over. Start looking for trees to chop down to construct makeshift humpy, wonder how long you'll survive in the wilderness, swinging from tree to tree and gradually losing the ability to communicate other than by grunting... boot... ROAR! Thank f*ck!

    Tell ya what I was nearly in tears of joy when I thumb-started the Hornet this morning and it leapt to life in about three milliseconds...

    /And Daz, nope. If road bikes were like that thing, I'd hand in my lid and go back to riding pushies.
  17. If road bikes were like the big 2 strokes then our insurance would be trippled! Sudden power spurts have a habit of making the rear try to part company with the whole general direction and making bikes lie down to have a little rest. Can you imagine a roundabout after the first rain :shock:

    Although the nasty 2 strokes can be very fun at times :twisted:
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: what a crack up dude,aaah memories,that really craked me up Loz,really sucks at first when you go riding with dudes who can ride,and you watch them burn of as you eat their dust and youre on a pig of a bike that just wont do as its told :furious:
    Was up at Mt Hotham this weekend past and was few boys up there trail riding,you should try riding round there,serious billygoat territory.Been in Narbethong few times,watchin sun set as youre riding along,and becoz youre under the forest canopy,gets dark like an hour earlier,stopping every fork in the track,looking at each other and going, :-k where the f*g are we :?: ,are we sleeping in the bush tonight :?: :shock: and how do we get back to the car and trailer :?: ,tanks 4/5ths empty ](*,) ,do we have a tow rope case 1 of us runs out of juice [-o< ?,should we stop n make a fire :?: ,for smoke signals n the like,them some how working our way back. :dance:
    You learn pretty quick,a sense of direction when trailriding,and to take note of landmarks and the general direction youre heading,either that,
    or start watching old Malcolm Douglas and Major Les Hiddins-Bush tucker man videos aplenty bout bush survival,witchety grubs n berries on the menu tonight,bon apetite :LOL:
  19. [-o< <- that sums it up I reckon Ken yeah! LOL
  20. Oh yeah, its different. A mate of mine recently bought a WR426. Looked good, goes better, the guy who sold it jumped up kicked it twice and away she roared.

    Anyway we got her home and spent a whole hour trying to kick start the damn thing. Three of us legs felt like they were about to fall off. Then we read the manual, lalalala. Now its down to about 4 or 5 kicks if your lucky.

    Its a four stroker as is a CRF 450 I've recently ridden, but man do they have some kick, as well as a hell of a lot of fun. I'm thinking of upgrading the KLX250 to the new KX 450. The reviews on them are pretty good.

    Hope you recover soon and are still keen enough to give it another go.