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Loz/Suade: WHOPPER gig, Jells park Carols, this Sun 17th

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. For those with families or people who just love a bit of cheese...

    I think Deb and Dave and a few others are planning to come down to the Monash Carols at Jells Park this Sunday. It's an enormous event, and Suade's the feature artist this year. We're gonna get to do 6 tunes, including our cheesy Christmas number... It'll be fantastic.

    Details here (PDF)

    I just came back from the dress rehearsal and with a few notable exceptions this will be a really well put together and entertaining show. The band's sounding great, and the boys and I are really ready to party for our final and biggest gig of the year.

    Not to mention, we'll get to be introduced by Pete "Mr. Copperart and the Man in the Booth for Martin/Molloy" Smith, who is as funny as all f*ck and a total legend. Last time we worked together we were pissing ourselves all night long. It's gonna rock, plus I'm told the fireworks they put on are pretty legendary.

    So yeah, if this kinda show is up your alley, pop down and see us and bring the kiddies if you got 'em.

    Can't wait! Woo!

    /ps. The christmas EP is selling fast, and we're down to the last few dozen of our first 1000 copies of the album. We know for sure that we're getting played on MIX FM, JJJ, 3AW, ABC, SYN, Pulse and JOY, probably other stations too. We've had hour-long interviews on a couple of stations lately and we'll be JOY FM's feature artist of the week in early Jan. So it's all going nicely! You can hear the cheesy Chrissy single (and buy it or the album if you want it) at www.suade.net/sales.htm
  2. Sounds like it is going to be a blast Loz, and glad things are going so well for you, you guys deserve it. :grin:

    I was supposed to go away for the weekend, but this sounds like a great excuse to get out of it :)
  3. Um, thread title says Sun 19th, isn't Sunday the 17th? not 19th. ;)
  4. Date has been edited ;)
    I just hope by Sunday night Loz gets the day and date right and then i can stop being his social secretary for this gig :LOL:
    We are bringing the family along.
    Yes it's a great night, we go every year.
    And yes, the fireworks are pretty spectacular.
    It's on a grassy hill so BYO chairs or picnic rug :)
    It's a no alcohol event but you could always include a couple of beers in your picnic basket ;)
  5. will they still have fireworks this year, with the fires? :?

    Loz your biggest fan will be disappointed she can't get their to see it. :( But once she is up to it, we will certainly be at a up and coming gig.
  6. We live nearby, so we'll definitely be walking on over.

    Sounds like a great gig Loz, and it's good to hear you're getting so much airplay! :)
  7. Er, just... keepin' ya on yer toes... yeah, that's what I was doin'.
  8. What a top night.
    Loz, you guys were great and definately the highlight of the night.
    Maddy was in her element cause she new 'Loz on stage' so she was telling all her friends :LOL:
    Apart from catching up with Cheng and Loz, we didn't see any other Netriders tho. Where were you guys?
    The fireworks at the end were fantastic too :grin:
    Maddy loves her CD and is taking it to school tomorrow to play for all her friends.
    The last we saw of Loz was when we were sitting in the cage in the traffic trying to get out of the park and he was filtering thru on the bike on his way to the pub :rofl:
  9. We heard the first number from our place (sounded great!), then grabbed the dog and headed over.

    Boy there were a lot of people there! :grin:

    We stayed for a while, but went home before the fireworks started. Our dog was pretty unhappy about them even at that distance, we didn't think it was fair for him to be any closer!

    Top effort Loz (and the rest of the Suade guys). :applause:
  10. Hey thanks guys what a pisser of a show, all those kiddies going bananas. Good to see Flip, Dave, Maddy and J the egg-man down there!

    Caps off a huge month for us, time to hit the slops tonight and look at what we'll be working on for next year.

    Pete Smith rocks! He elbowed me aside when I was high-fiving some kids after the last number, saying "Step aside! Smithy's on stage now, son."

    Laugh? I nearly shat!
  11. Sorry I couldn't be there, had Robbie tickets *sigh*
    Anyhoo, glad it was a good night for you. I've been listening to your CD since I got it, I love it! Thanks for my chrissy pressie :dance: I'll have to catch the next gig