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Loz on the small screen

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by [FLUX], Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Was watching the great comedy debate, and lo and behold, there's our Loz on TV, singing "I'm not just a cock on legs" with Paul McDermott!

    On ya mate!
  2. That was loz in the jacket?
  3. Sure was. In the grey/black bike jacket.
  4. i was watching the debate and saw the jacket and commented, hey... rider cool.. then saw the face and thought i recognised it!!!

    great work loz!!!
  5. Yeah i picked ya Loz and pointed you out to the misses. she now thinks she knows a celebrity. Actually she thinks she's flipped the bird at a celebrity. :LOL:
    I'm gunna need your autograph mate.

  6. I just watched that too, and i came straight onto NR to make sure it was you big boy. I could tell straight away that was you Loz, and i havent even met ya!

    who else would go to a show and go up on stage still in their bike jacket? :p :p :grin:

    good on ya mate.

  7. Recorded it last night too for future YouTubing pleasure. Loz and some Suade boys got called the day before to form a 'secret impromptu spontaneous choir of impassioned men' for the end of the debate.

    Spent the afternoon before the debate recording backup vocals for McDermott. Thought it would be just a handful of blokes but half the bloody audience clambered up onstage!
  8. Make sure we know the YouTube details.
  9. What a cracker of a song. .. . Good to see you sung it LOUD & PROUD Loz!! :LOL:
  10. True, he did sing it proud. I'm surprised you didn't get little Loz out for a bit of puppetry magic. It was a puppet show wasn't it?

  11. Was watching it with the missus last night and said to her, see the guy with the motorbike jacket, thats Loz from netrider. And she's gone, WHO!!!!

    Then I thought i know where I can borrow a VTR250 until i can get mine fixed :LOL:
  12. :woot: go lozikins. today The Great Debate, tomorrow the wooorrrrlllldd :grin: now i'm annoyed we were watching a bad dvd instead of tv :evil:
  13. Loz is totally just a c0ck on legs :p . Mel and I saw you and pissed ourselves. Next time I see you, guess what I'm gunna call you, you mother fcuker :LOL:
  14. #14 nous, Aug 27, 2007
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    Finally got uploaded on youtube:


    Boy, I'm glad those little kids who clambered onstage for this particular ditty were mostly obscured from public view :shock:
  15. Er, cheers guyyyyys :oops:

    What a magnificent moment in music.

    Still, Paul was great to work with, good fun, friendly and a very pro performer. Hats off, he managed what could have been quite a shemozzle with great aplomb and drank like a champion afterwards.
  16. where is my beer? did anyone see where i put my beer?
  17. That's our Loz! Well done! :grin:

    Good to see you dressed up in true biker fashion for the occasion. :wink:

    You didn't sing to us when you were up here! :cry: