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Loz on the radio tonight ~ 8pm 774 AM Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, May 1, 2008.

  1. We're gonna go on the Derek Guille show again to promote our gig this sunday arvo at Chapel off Chapel.

    Derek won't be there, I understand a couple of Coodabeen Champions are filling in, so we're gonna do our new footy tune if we can work out how to sing it without Ian.

    Just so yez know.

    Oh and I think there's tickets left for the show too, if anyone wants to go along. I know a few NRs are heading down. Book through www.chapeloffchapel.com.au for that one, it's 5pm Sunday arvo and I promise to relay MotoGP results to the crowd if somebody can text them to me while I'm onstage!

    More deets at www.suade.net/events.htm
  2. Have a blast Loz.

    If anyone can capture the interview and post it up, that would be cool... band meeting night tonight, in 5, 4, 3...
  3. 774 is ABC radio... right??
    been listening, still no Loz :?
  4. missing in action
  5. sick of waiting Loz
  6. yayyy,
    "coming up next, some really splendid, acappella"
  7. Didn't get much of a crack at it, poor buggers. I want my 8 cents back.
  8. Yeah fark, they said we'd have time for a good chat and a few choonz but they ran over with the previous guest. Buggaaaarrrrr.
  9. Checked out your website... Probably been done before, but...

    That's what I see! Were you impersonating Buzz at the time? :LOL:
  10. Actually it's a well known fact that Buzz was impersonating ME. :p
  11. Not usually in the habit of listening to Auntie in the evening, but caught it by accident. Sounded good, anyway.

    At least they promoted the site pretty well (especially the spelling).
  12. Haha that would be from my brother's handwritten note, complete with an enormous A in the middle. I dunno who chose that name, but it's been a pain in the bum. Still, none of us have the stomach to start that shitty process of finding a new band name.