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Loz on the News?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kris, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Alrighty, I could be VERY off the mark but..

    I'm at Network Ten in Melbourne; just finished doing pre-production for the 5o'clock news which starts in ten minutes. I'm sure I saw a bit of tape-vision with our weather presenter Mike Larkin reading while 5 fellas behind him were singing.
    Are they Suade? Is that Loz?!
    It should go to air at about 5:30pm here in Melbourne...

    Hope it is Loz.. otherwise I'm already a bit embarrassed!
  2. If it WAS, I hope he kept his face to the camera :LOL:.
  3. *sits, waiting, watching *
  4. IT IS, IT WAS
    we saw we saw .. singing away nicely they were to. :grin:
  5. HA! There ya go then!

    Nice one Loz... that must have been fun; smilin', singin', walkin'... and all that with a broken bum!


    (I'll have to check the ratings tomorrow... see how many mates Loz has!!)
  6. Yah well... Triple up on them panadeine fortes, and Mike promised to walk reeeeal slow. Not before threatening to take the stairs of course.
  7. And if you hadn't have given his arse such a firm squeeze, he mightn't have made you climb onto the stage for photos. :LOL:
  8. Wha hoo!

    Got it, somewhere on the PC. Now all I have to work out where Media Centre records programs!
  9. Well look, it was all in the spirit of the event.
  10. So, the so called Live weather cross isn't so Live after all [-X

    Sprung. :LOL:
  11. Nah, it's very live! They just prerecord the 'teaser', which is usually Mike being silly and talking about what will be coming up in the weather at the end of the news.

    We can't say "Live" unless it really is! Honest!
  12. Live to tape, or is that hard drive these days.
  13. Well... it would be live-to-hard-disk now...
    but I do mean live-to-air!. I was typing in the forum in the commercial breaks... which is a bit naughty.

    Great photo, Matty!
  14. Saw it as well but I was disappointed you were not geared up in your leather chaps with the back cut out of them and the leather jacket and cap to make the whole image for the audience you will be performing for..
  15. A few people in front of you started to look confused when the "official band sunglasses holder" suddenly cracked up. :LOL: Luckily the camera and sound guy could see and knew what wat was wrong with me. :)