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Loz n Suade on the radio today, 3MBS 103.5, 4pm

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. We're doing a live broadcast from the BMW edge theatre at Fed Square from around 4pm today, including a couple of the new tunes.

    3MBS, 103.5FM in Melbourne.

    If you're in town and not busy, come see us there, it's a free show. :)
  2. Quick, Jeeves, break out the High-Gain radio antennae!!

    Have a great show, mate :).
  3. bugger I can't get reception for that in Adelaide!
  4. And exactly how much did you say for this free concert :grin:
    Whats that :shock: Free \:D/ tis music-tae ma scottish ears mun :LOL:
    Sorry Loz would love to be there flyin the flag for ya but work calls :(
  5. Will the miracles of modern technology never end??? :LOL:

  6. Thank you :grin:
  7. Me and Azz will crank it in the Hospital for ya!!!!!!

    are you guys taking requests???? "wicked dreams" LOL
  8. Sorry, no Wicked Games, because you're not allowed to root in a hospital.

    We'll do some of the new stuff we've been writing, hope you guys dig it!
  9. fabo - thanks chengaleng. i'll be listening to you live as i design my new training program. i blame YOU if it suddenly morphs into a course on how to put your underpants on!!
  10. am listening now :grin: :grin:
  11. smmooooove!!!!!!
  12. Good stuff boys...looking forward to tomorrow night....

    Haven't cancelled tix yet kids...let me know :)
  13. thanks for the entertainment. good stuff :wink:
  14. oh that's no fun :bannanabutt: we got a private room!!!!!! might be a bit difficult with the cathedar tho :(

    had it cranked on our little radio. i think the nurse thought i was a bit weird :p because i had to hold the radio or it lot reception. Good work it put a smile on Azz face :grin: