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Loz hits 32

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MVrog, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Happy birthday, bloke, for wednesday. Many more years of browneye to come, I trust.

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaarppppppppppyyyyyyyyy birthdaytoyou

  3. Cheers you lot. Must get off my arse and organise a booze-up.
  4. good plan
  5. Have a good one Loz :butt:
  6. Have a great one Loz. :cool:
  7. Happy Birthday mate :D.
  8. Have a great day Hoon, I mean Loz. I hope you intend on singing at the said booze up!
  9. Birthday man hug to ya bro. :)
  10. avagoodun! :grin: :butt:
  11. Yeah, happy birthday and stuff.
  12. Happy B'Day, Loz-man :).
  13. Happy Birthday, have a good one :)
  14. Happy Bday loz :) May your day be full of gorgeous 18yo honnies in skimpy clothes..... ;)
  15. Chengaleng along may have something to say about that!
  16. Have a goodun, ya clown....

    oh booze up, can't wait :LOL:
  17. Happy celebration of ur birth Loz
    Where's the party at?
  18. OK I'm thinkin' ROAD PARTY this Sunday... Followed by drinks at the Retreat on Sydney Rd, which I have just discovered is a rippin' pub. Details to follow.

    ...unless people would rather end up here at my place?
  19. "Take photos!"


    Love ya honey, happy birrrrrfday!
  20. I thought this was a rider down thread...outside a school or something :?

    Happy b'day Loz!