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Loz had a highside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Folks, before anymore in-accurate information gets around; Loz had a highside this evening and has gone to hospital. He's OK and in good spirits though. This is what he had to say earlier tonight ...
    "I got Lozzed! Highside black spur at 100. Sore leg and badly battered coxxyx, can't sit down or stand much, off to hospy. Guess my time came. Sigh. I'm a goose"

    I'm sure we'll hear from the man himself soon, so until then lets not do the grapevine rumour mill :)

    Healing thoughts for you Loz, and glad your OK.

  2. Sorry to hear what happened Loz.

  3. Thanks for the report Jase.. Glad our resident rockstar is ok. :grin:
  4. It was a wombat I tell you! Honestly Officer, no more than 40kmh...

    I'll let Loz tell the whole gory story, I'm sure he's working it all out now.

    This whole Loz thing, I actually think it's me now. I Loz'd Loz. That's 5 in a year :(

    I just left him and Cheng at BH A&E, X-Rays being done to check/isolate broken bones.

    The bike is at Ray's, I'll pick it up over the next couple of days.
  5. Healing wishes for you Loz :shock:
  6. All the best for a full and speedy recovery Loz
  7. Get better soon dude!
  8. Jeepers :shock:

    Hope your cox-thingy ( :wink: ) is OK Loz....heaven forbid anything should happen to that!!!!

    Any help you or Cheng need, let me know. That goes for you too, Cejay with getting Loz's bike back.
  9. Yeah, I got the same SMS earlier today.

    Haven't heard anything since he was at the hospital, he was waiting for the x-ray or something.

    Too early to suggest an Arse Doughnut (inflatable sitting on thingys) signed by the NR's this friday?
  10. aw Loz,
    do not be so harsh on yourself.
    have always thought of you as more of a muppet, :p
    not a goose.

    mend well.

    by definition this may bring to an end the Lozzing curse.
  11. Fark noooooooo!

    Not Loz!

    Awwww man!

    Healing wishes man.

    We definitely have enough now for a Notrider club :(
  12. Sweet, I might be right to have another crack at the spur :D
  13. I'm not that interested in how or why either, just glad that you are relatively OK, mate. And if you DO happen to need a special cushion for the next few weeks, heaven forbid that someone might include a 'whoopee' function in it :LOL:.......
  14. dam Loz, thank god your OK ..Heal up soon m8 ..
  15. what a bummer :(

    hope you heal well dood
  16. he's got too much fat on him to break any bone.

    Gla dyour OK fat boy :)
  17. Hope you have a speedy recovery mate, unreal I was just having a chat to the poor basturd yesterday in Ringwood, guess the mystery ride is out tonight.

    How, why & when, who really cares, this is Loz the man.
  18. Bullshit, he told me that he had just left a Samoan Gay bar, that's why his had a sore arse ;)

    Heal quick dood
  19. Could this ba a self Lozzing??? :grin:

    Heal quickly mate.
  20. Aaaah shitage, heal quick dood.
    You know if you had've gone off the low side you would've gotten the knee down.
    I guess putting your bum on the deck is a start, just a little unconventional. :shock:
    If i can help out, shout out.
    Get better mate.