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[Loz does it again] Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Loz Blain. You may remember him from such places as Netrider, Gizmag, Suade, or the Carlton Gardens toilet block.....his latest offering is to take a Multistrada 1200 out and demystify it for the common folk like us.

    Whether spanking the dirt, spanking the road or just spanking his mates, I think he has a soft spot for the ugly cross over. I recommend watching the video at the jump, you'll laugh you'll cry.


  2. Liked the commentary, yeah. Quite amusing. The bike sounds like a really good piece of kit. Quick, fun, extremely capable in a very broad range of roles. If it wasn't quite so eye gougingly ugly, and hideously overpriced, I'd be very tempted. My ZX14 is a flagship model for Kawasaki. It costs 19k2 + on-roads. This thing costs 30k + on-roads. That's for a road trail...
  3. Amusing review. :)

    I actually like the looks quite a bit (especially compared to the original Multistrada!). The price, not so much, though BMW's R1200GS probably very similar in price after the electronic suspension is bolted on too.
  4. Big thumbs up for both the written and video review, regarding which I suggest paying attention the speedo around the 5 minute mark ;)

    If I was foolishly financial it would be a tempting steed as I'm not that put off by it's looks and who could resist the temptation of having a Ducati that is capable of going on dirt :LOL:

  5. I watched it a few days ago, but didn't check out the speedo', just went back for another look, and it has been edited (fuzzed out, is fuzzed a word)
    I am probably biased but it is a great fun bike.

  6. I really like the idea of a bike with a 'Hooligan Mode' button.
  7. Why did I just buy an investment house grrrrrrr.
    Nah..... I still couldn't justify the price or that beak hanging off the front. The rest of the bike is nice. Very nice.
    I've noticed there are a few down to around 27K on bike sales. Still a lot for a chook chaser. But that thing could hunt down emu's. I want one.
  8. as always loz, a great review! loved it!
  9. Good vid, though I preferred their RSVR and 1198 reviews.

    The multi is a great bike. I was test riding bikes last Saturday, hoping to find one I liked which I might be able to pick up second hand to take on a trip around the country. I was thinking maybe an R1150GSA or R1200GSA second hand. Tested KLR650, Triumph 800XC, BMW R1200GS and Ducati MTS 1200 Touring. I only bothered to ride the MTS to compare against the R1200 as they're not widely available enough in the 2nd hand market to make a bargain.

    How good is the MTS?

    Well, suffice to say, this afternoon I traded my 1198S on a new Multistrada 1200 S Touring. In other words, it's bloody brilliant :)
  10. Glad you guys have enjoyed it. each review is different although kinda the same. Needs more hooning but he refuses to let me help.

    Heh heh heh.....have fun now :)
  11. Haha there's plenty of hooning buddy, you know it! I just can't go posting video evidence thereof with my name all over it! :p

    Hope some of the oldtimers here enjoyed the cameo by Sgt. Scumbag. :)
  12. ~wistful sigh~

    What an awesome upgrade this would be from the KLR.

  13. I say for the next one we stage a heist and have some kind of chase in it. If anyone asks tell them it really happened and you caught it on film.
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    Very good review, Mate. I have only seen good reviews of this bike.
    Now to convince the misses it's a good deal. Will need some good luck for that
  15. best motorbike review ive seen................its like top gear fun but with better vehicle review and info.