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Loz and Chengaleng's Excellent Adventure (with Bogus parts)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Jeeeeeesus, I'm bloody glad we did go out on this Alpine Road ride despite the advice of many Netriders and our better judgement to the contrary. Magnificent, bloody magnificent.

    - Day 1 and the start of day 2 were, as expected, oppressively hot. Drink 4 litres of water and not have a piss hot. Cheng nearly fainted a couple times. Kept the visor closed as opening it was like staring into a hair dryer. It hit 46 in Wang. Not super great riding weather but hey, better than sitting at home and sweltering into our couch.

    - Stopped to take this photo of a very hot and tired Chengaleng somewhere near bonnie doon, and she dropped the Across in the gravel heading back for the tarmac. Not a scratch, somehow. Phew.

    - Spur was clogged with traffic (gasp) but Mansfield-Whitfield was clear and a sensational run. Until I decided to pull a u-turn and go back for a photo of a good bit. As the u-turn was a difficult one I parked the bike on the ledge to go help Cheng get her bike around... And the sidestand sunk into the 46 degree melted tarnac, toppling the bike and missing a 40-foot drop by inches. Then, the problem of how does one pick up a bike that's upside-down on the brink of a 40-foot drop. Hmm. Damage: snapped the clutch lever in half, and scratched up the tank. Buuuuugggerrrrr. Fkin expensive photo.

    - Collapsed into bed in a Wangaratta motel on NYE, slept right through the fireworks. Bliss.

    - Struck out for Bright in the morning. Uneventful until this bug got stuck in Cheng's bra around Harrietville and started biting her knocker. Hence the slightly angry face there. Hmm.

    - The Alpine road was magnificent even if I did have to take most of it at learner-friendly speeds. Note to self: do this one again with fast people for best results.

    - Over the windy top of Hotham and down into Omeo where we ran into our first tiny swarm of locusts. My gawd do these little bastards sting. Down into Swifts Creek to see my god-daughter and her family. Locusts have hit the locals hard, three weeks ago you couldn't see the road in front of you for the plague, and they're expecing the next wave in a few weeks' time to be twice as bad. Whoa.

    - Down through the last remaining twisties into Bairnsdale to meet the folks for lunch. Also meet John and Sandra. John's son-in-law is principal dealer at Southbank BMW... Make mental note.

    - John shows us the back way from Bairnsdale to Sale, knocking off one of the most boring pieces of highway riding known to man. The back road is much more entertaining if not particularly twisty.

    - Pull up in Moe for a pizza, noticing a clacking sound from the rear end somewhere. No matter, the Hornet's due in for a service on Wednesday, with a new chain and sprockets, that'll sort it... Jump back on to trundle the 50 metres to the servo to fill up... Clunk, clunk, crack... WTF? Pull off the rear wheel to find... SHEEEEEYIITTTT! The bastarding bearing has exploded, taking chunks of the rear wheel hub with it. It's cast. That's a new wheel.

    - After phoning Glitch for advice, start sorting out a course of action... Hmm, should call cousin Kerry, yep she's home and she lives 2 BLOCKS AWAY! location could not possibly have been luckier. Wheel the bike round to hers, down a frosty can of VB and ponder the impending purchase of a new wheel.

    - Deciding that Moe's not the place to wait for a new rear wheel, jump on the Across 2-up and cane it back for the big smoke down the Monash, all thoughts of Noojee twisties far from our minds.

    - Home safe n sound, Cheng had a ball, we're both real glad we did this trip. Hornet is a different matter, while it was a very manly feeling whipping the back wheel off at a servo I can assure you I'm not looking forward to buying a new wheel. That's reeeeeeally gonna suck.

    So yeah, a ripper trip, marred by two stupid bike drops and an unfortunate violent bearing failure that could really have done some SERIOUS fkin damage if it happened on the open highway which constituted 99% of the weekend's riding.

    Kissed on the dick by an angel, Kerry's boyfriend reckons.
    Red Power Ranger and SaucySheila, over and out.
  2. Nice story/pics Loz
  3. Thanks Loz, that's another ride I'll have to add to my "shit to do in 06" list.

    Great ride report, sound like ya had heaps of fun, cept for the little hiccups, when do you pick up your new beemer?
  4. Nice read and nice pics. Damn shame about the bearing but..
  5. Great ride report loz...............

    Glad you enjoyed the trip and it's amazing how even a couple bike drops and a rear wheel bearing exploding cant dampen the effects of a road trip.
    There is always too many good feelings gained from the whole freedom experienced on them.

    Even my clutch cable breakage didnt faze me in the slightest, although being close to home made the difference :)


    cheers ratty

  6. Re: Loz and Chengaleng's Excellent Adventure (with Bogus par

    Was the back way north or south of the highway??

    If it was the south of the highway Bengworden one then don't be tempted to open up the throttle as it's policed almost as heavily as the highway, especially since that fatal involving a 4x4 a week or so ago.

    Also you can dodge Sale by turning off around 5km prior to it from either direction and a nice unofficial ring road knocks several km's and traffic lights off your trip.
  7. Re: Loz and Chengaleng's Excellent Adventure (with Bogus par

    Oh, uh.... whoops! None there yesterday! We opened our throttles unmolested (although we weren't going too hard, John and I had to keep Chengaleng's across in our mirrors!)
  8. great trip report, will add it to my list

    go the mighty across
  9. Definately get out there and do it, it's a blinder... And what's more, it's the perfect length for a pretty laid-back weekend trip with enough sensational twisty bits to make the odd straight road worthwhile.
  10. So I take it there is a service spot at redwing on Wednesday open? Feel like swaping for one next Monday? You did reserve a VTR250 for me didn't you?
  11. I just cancelled my service for tomorrow morning, give them a ring.

    I don't know how long it'll take to get the 'bag back on the road, so I wouldn't go booking anything. I've got a wheel coming down 2nd hand from interstate and I'm tossing up the idea of getting the tank/tail resprayed while I'm at it. We'll see what Pete Boss reckons when I lob the creaking heap in his garage.

    /I know, i know, "creaking heap" is a bit nasty... But it blew a damn bearing on me, it's sleeping on the couch for a WEEK.
  12. All sorted. Booked in for tomorrow.

    Your loss, my gain!!! :p
  13. Pull a wheelie for me...

    /getting pretty sick of this 250 caper already!

  14. But think of all that space....you can now carry your water proof lining for your airmesh jacket....