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Lowslided yesterday. Bloody dopey git

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by hopeless, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Had a bit of a tweak of the bike yesterday, bled brakes and went for a test ride. Was such a nice day i decided to keep going. went for a lap around the waterfront at Shorncliffe. Was quite nice and a new area. came to a corner which was sharper than expected. I wasn't going too fast, maybe 40k's, then all of a sudden the world is upside down and my shoulder hurts like a bastard. Looking back at the footage I squeezed the front brake on entry, stoopid old git, what a rookie error!!!
    Got the bike off the road and the locals were really good, One even let me put my bike under their carport!! rang wife and got her to pick me up, went to Redcliffe hospital, 5 hours of my life I'll never get back! No broken bones just a nice shoulder and ankle sprain/strain. And a bruised pride.
    Anyway I was lucky I guess no other traffic involved and no significant injuries. Bikes another story though :sorry:






    Time for new pants

    And shoes

    Mostly just Guages, indicators and the radiator. Guess I'll find out how crap YOUI insurance is now:nailbiting:
  2. Damn that sux glad to see your ok hope you're back on the road soon
  3. Thanks mate. Must have affected me more than I thought. I managed to put this in the wrong forum!!:eek:
  4. 40k's you say... Glad you're not too injured, mate. Hope the insurance company is nice to you.
  5. yeah Only 40ish looking at my video
  6. Fixed. Maybe we need another section for cases like this where the OP doesn't quite get away with it.
  7. we could name it the hopeless dimwit section ;)
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  8. Rest up and hope you're back on your horse sooner than later (y)
  9. Yeouch! Glad your ok, hopefully the bike isn't too bad.
  10. Glad you're okay.

    If it's anything like NSW, expect a visit from the cops over the next couple of weeks after the hospital visit.................
  11. I dunno Lionz, Last time I was involved in an accident ( not on a bike and not my fault) we called them and they told us to sort it out ourselves.
  12. Recover well. Then go ride the corner again to exorcise the demon!
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  13. Some valuable lessons here for newbies. Also, ATGATTers, note the blood - that's how good kevlar jeans are at keeping you safe....

    (sorry couldn't resist).

    I hope you heal well and quickly and that it doesn't cost too much to repair the bike.
  14. In NSW it's a single vehicle accident, and therefore must be your fault because you're the only vehicle involved - which normally gets followed up with 3 points and $$'s for neg driving!!
    It'll be interesting to see if the cops do follow up - let us know.
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  15. hopelesshopeless what brand jeans are they? Just yesterday the missus asked "Would you like a new pair of jeans from Rivers?" I said "No, but I wouldn't mind a pair of Kevlar jeans." And knock me down with a feather she said "O.K., they can be your Birthday present." Then you show that.o_O Are they some brand with only Kevlar in certain spots?
  16. Will do. A bit sore today and a bit of work to do first :p

    will do. Interestingly there was a question at the hospital about another driver involved. When i said no she said they didn't have to report it, though I was in a bit of pain and may have misheard her o_O

    hey are Aldi jeans from 2 sales ago. I have worn them daily since getting them, and to be fair they have started looking a bit thin. I have had a smaller fall in them before this, but it wasn't at speed. I believe the newer ones have more kevlar, the hole is actually above the Knee area if you have normal legs. To be honest I'm looking for a brand that makes smaller In seam lengths. Otherwise I'll have to get a pair of custom leather pants made ( which was a savings goal anyway).
  17. Most riding jeans have kevlar inserts in the high risk areas only, especially the cheaper ones. A few of the more expensive ones are fully lined and a few are constructed out a kevlar/cotton composite (with full kevlar inserts). Get what you pay for.
    The photo seems to show the hole being above the kevlar panel.
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  18. Yep, above knee panel, no kevlar. As I said Knee is in the wrong place for every pair of pants I tried as I have short legs :cautious:
  19. Glad you're OK,

    always a problem with Kevlar jeans, they're not usually a very snug fit either so the Kevlar panels (and any armour in pockets) can end up in the wrong spot pretty easily. I've been looking for some decent armour to wear underneath them which kind of solves both problems. Decent leather is probably a lot better, but it's pretty exy and tends to be pretty warm too. Did a tour of three bike shops in Newcastle last week, and the number of pairs of leather pants in my size with any sort of decent ventilation was the same as the number of honest councilors in Auburn. Two of those had no knee armour to sell separately either and the third only had high end off road knee braces and low end stuff with elastic straps that looked like they wouldn't last very long or be either comfortable or secure.