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Lowslide in front of police

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Sooty, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. #1 Sooty, Mar 27, 2010
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    Fast moving ZX6R is surprised by CHP as he comes around a corner, he attemtps to brake and lowsides. Accident on Mullholland highway near Malibu

    Soz if repost.
  2. he should turn his bike in for falling off on that corner, or buy a scooter
  3. HAHA! Idiot. Watch that wheel tuck as he grabs a handful of 'oh f***'.

  4. there's a few other accidents on that channel - seems a popular spot for them. The guy who highsides over the guard rail was funny as much as I felt sorry for the lad.
  5. Ahh, I see theyve been taking pointers from the NSW highway patrol about completely inappropriate places to camp out with your vehicle.
  6. what? like on the side of the road?

    it's the cops fault the rider ****ed up, huh?

  7. You know how you can use your imagination to envisage consequences? Use your brain FFS :roll:
  8. haha, nice braking
  9. :( poor guy. i feel sorry for him and his bike. are we even sure he was speeding? it says fast, but not speeding.
  10. there's like a dozen other videos on this guy's channel showing punters lowsiding again and again and AGAIN on the SAME left-hand corner. it's bad deja vu. glitch in the matrix for sure.
  11. It shows the hypocrisy of the cops in situations like these. Should a road user be able to negotiate a corner even when confronted with the pigs mid way around? Of course. Does their being there raise the risk of an accident? Definitely.

    There's rear enders on freeways kilometers back from speed cameras, as the traffic comes to a complete halt because of a few numpties braking for the camera even when they're doing the speed limit. A mate's wife sustained serious injuries when she was hit, having only just pulled up in time herself for a nicely placed RBT over a blind crest. And the times I've seen a cop pull a d*ck move to cut through traffic or chuck an otherwise illegal u-turn to go ping someone for 10 over.....

    Yeah the guy should've stayed on 2 wheels. But they don't give a shit about safety.
  12. The cops will be out of a job if they don't have "crime" to deal with, so if they stop the existing "crimes" they'll find new ones to punish us for.
  13. you know, had the rider negotiated the corner without trying to be a wannabe ricky road racer with his knee down on a public road, we surely wouldn't be having this discussion!

    yeah, let's blame the popo, cus the guy freaked himself out. HIS issue. that road is a known patrolled area due to wannabe rock stars such as this.

    it's funny! had he continued he may have received a ticket or not. had he received one, it certainly would have been cheaper than the repair he is up for.
  14. I'm with Devotard. Yeah it's the guys fault, but it is hippocracey for the cops to claim preventative enforcement, when clearly here they contribute to the accident. Not their fault, but they did contribute.
  15. Maybe you missed the bit (the whole bit) where I said it's the guys fault, but the popo are hypocritical d*cks regardless.

    You'll do well to find me ever being sympathetic to the above types. I think you're all crazy for riding bikes on the road.
  16. er um, if he HAD been getting his knee down at that speed, the bike would have been much more upright and less likely to tuck. The rider didn't have that kind of body position.

    It wasn't a fast speed off - he was able to stop his slide quickly and the bike didn't really slide that much further down and across the road.

    Were we watching the same video?? Rockstars?? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? :)

    A ticket for what? Speeding?? :? I doubt he was speeding! What do you think the road speed limit was??
  17. To me he really doesn't seem to be going that fast. Seems that he just panics and grabs a fist of front.
    Even on the corners before he didn't seem overly fast around them, I don't know if I would really refer to him as a
  18. i would love to ride this road, there is one corner (mostly on the exit and can be seen in the other clips) which seems to catch a lot of people out, and i can't understand why, maybe up close it slightly drops off camber, anyone actually have first hand experience riding this road?
  19. From watching the vids it seems alot of people are leaning away from the road. Could be a big factor in the slides, some power on to early to.
  20. Leaning away gives you better visibility, but poor ground clearance as the bike has to lean more.