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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Maetrik, Sep 16, 2010.

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    See videos here:


    Now, all these guys look like they're riding in correct position, their speed doesn't look excessive, yet every single one of them lowsides. I am trying to learn correct technique for pulling these tighter angles so it'd be handy to know where these guys are going wrong. Some of them aren't positioned correctly but most are.

    My guess is that they haven't warmed up their tyres nearly enough, its all i can really think of?

    Anyone care to shed some more light on this?
  2. Looks like he chopped the throttle on/off/on...If he was smoother with the throttle I reckon he probably wouldn't have binned it.
  3. There should be 20 or so vids that loop one after the other, not just the 1....

    Click the arrows at the bottom of the vid to go to the next.
  4. i have watched plenty of clips of this corner and it still amazing me how may people give up and crash before the apex point, but as for those that lowside on the exit, i wonder if the camber might just drop away slightly (maybe not enough to bring it to the attention of the rider but enough therefore any minor change to the bikes inputs is enough to unsettle it 8-[
  5. For whatever reason, they have exceeded the available grip at that lean angle. It could be their tyre temps, but I think it is unlikely. Probably more to do with tyre make and style, being pushed too hard. This blokes front end just folded under on him.

    I suspect dust or grit on the road. If it was tyres alone, they are more forgiving as they approach their limits, and the rider did not make any sudden moves that would cause such a sudden loss of grip.

    Ermm..I don't see where throttle control is a problem?

  6. I just watched the first clip. You can see he chops the throttle just before he loses the front. Looks like there would be a heap of dirt and dust on that road too, not the best for keeping traction.
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  8. Americans are famous for buying the longest lasting tyres for their cars they can possibly get. With that type of contempt for traction I don wonder about the mentality of their bike riders.
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    It's much harder to get knee down without slicks, moreso on a public road which is a bad surface + road tyres which are most likely as hot as they would be on a track. I doubt it's got anything to do with the corner - I think it's people wanting to show off on it since people film it and upload the pictures.
  10. huh??? don't know what you consider a road tyre to be, but i know of plenty that can drag a knee on road tyres on public roads (ie, rosso's etc), including myself and i am a pretty average rider
  11. I just watched a fist full of the videos of Mulholland drive, aka "The Snake", that you posted about, and well, the short answer is, they all ran out of experience. With experience comes choosing tyres for your style of riding, understanding and anticipating road conditions, and above all knowing how to steer and lean a bike properly. If you want to increase your lean angle learn to do it on a track under skilled supervion and instruction. I learn from a few mates who raced. Seriously, no ammount of guts nor money is going to turn you into a brilliant rider over night. Nor is spending hours analysing what other people do wrong. Until your on the bike and you feel what it does as it starts to loose traction, wallow, or skip you will never be able to anticipate when to react, let alone how. I've got 18 years of riding experience on large capacity sports bikes and have stacks of friends who race. I can tell you for a fact that we are all still learning as we find newer more interesting ways to loose traction and ultimately, control of our bikes.

    The short of it. Start small, start slow, and learn. There is not instant magic trick some self proclamed guru can pass onto you. But, just learn safe, don't push too hard too fast, being a good rider takes years, not months.
  12. Perhaps you'd be a better rider if you knee wasn't dragging along the ground.
  13. Thanks for your analysis of the footage.

    I am in no rush to start busting crazy angles, however it is something i want to build up to, and as we all know bad habits are hard to shake, the earlier i become aware of them and avoid them, the better off my riding will be.

    Viewing footage of people doing it wrong helps me learn the right way for when i do step up and attempt some decent corners at speed. I don't want to be the one who gets hurt in a completely avoidable situation. I'm like an information vacuum at the moment when it comes to riding, the more i know earlier in my riding experience the better.

    I've been looking into doing a track day somewhere, however with a LAMS restricted bike i think it'd be more frustrating than enjoyable. I'll wait until i get a thou and then give it a go i think.
  14. You'd still get heaps out of a track day - even on a LAMS bike. I did. Right up until the point where I crashed. And even that was worthwhile.

    You could also consider doing an advanced course.
  15. Haha funny shit.

    Philip Island has GSXR-600's for hire, however the excess on them if you crash is absurd.

    I may head down for a day, if any learners or beginner riders plan a trip down i'd definitely be keen.
  16. On closer analysis, it appears all these riders failed to stay on their motorbikes.

    To corner properly, one must still be on the bike when you get to the other side of the corner.

    Don't fall off.
  17. +1. on a few of them you can see the front suspension dip just before the front tucks so throttle chop is a culprit for some.

    think most of them are just crap riders. quite a few seem on the wrong line.

  18. Wow, thank-you for that epically useless dribble.

    Consider the question in this thread answered and closed out.
  19. wouldn't be surprised if you are right given how often the front just folds and the rear slides out all in the same spot. Also, the lean angle they are at is very sharp considering how tight the corner would be, there would not be much room for adjustment. People ditching it before the corner doesn't surprise me in the slightest, probably still charging from the medium corners before that and don't read this one till it's way to late and SR all the way to the valley floor.

    here's the corner: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&sou...noid=6yGUepx67GwJPh3EbNZRfg&cbp=12,42.45,,0,5

    I think it's also worse because they are on the wrong side of the road.
  20. + 1 I'm with Mr Tremendouslysensibleandastute....

    Darlings "The Snake" has been flashing it's fangs for years.......

    Sweeties on the road or the track, it's all about where you run out of talent !!!!!