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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fitryder, May 22, 2007.

  1. About 5am, on my way to work this morning, took a tight 90 degree right hand bend at about 35 - 40kmph onto the umm onramp (if you will) of the princess highway and down she went.

    Firstly, im fine, was wearing all gear and everything held up without a prob.

    But the shock still hasn’t worn off. It’s so surreal… like it happened in slow-mo but at the same time, im sitting here and it feels like a dream…

    The bike has been dropped in a similar low speed low side by the previous owner so the cosmetic damage has really just gone over the old damage so no real new damage.

    Like I said, it was such a wired feeling sliding on the concrete and watching the bike, like a toy, along for the ride with you.

    When I almost stopped I quickly spun around to check for cars, nothing there, I got up and got the bike out of the way.

    What caused the accident? Well, me. My own stupid fault simply. You cant really blame leafs or a wet road because you still cause the accident by not adjusting your speed/lean to the conditions.

    Summing up. Lesson learnt in a very lucky way (without injuries or major damage). Also reinforces the fact to always wear gear. I would have a hole in my right ankle, knee and palm if I didn’t.

    So ride safe and always adjust your speed to the conditions.

  2. It was spiting a bit (pause for Young Ones flashback) at 6 this morning when I left Engadangadine... maybe it was more damp than you expected... pretty cold night as well, so you probably had colder tyres than you thought...

    Glad that you are OK and no real harm done... live and learn eh...

    Where about is said "on ramp"?

  3. ahh damn, glad you're alright mate... the roads were greasy last night, I had a nice drift around a corner (cold tyres + cold & damp road + over enthusiastic use of throttle = bad)

    as daewoo said, it was spitting a bit this morning too, so roads would have sucked!!

    gotta get back on the horse that you fell off mate :grin: