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Lowlife scum-sucking bas***d

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. The pr1ck who just got caught trying to steal my bike this afternoon in the city.

    I got a call from the cops at 2.30 asking if I was the owner of a red BMW parked in St Andrews place. A police solo was riding past and saw someone removing the ignition and checked him out.

    I got a call and came down to find that the instrument cowling had been removed and the ignition lock taken out.

    Anyway - now I have to organise to get it home so I can put the bits back together (the ignition switch controls lights and all on the bike so I'll need the manual to check which wires go where.

    Unfortunately the cost won't be enough to claim because of the excess!

    At least they've got the pr1ck (and I have a picture of him which I shan't put up until after he's gone to court)

    Anyway - kudos to Shane, the cop who picked him up. =D>
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  2. Three cheers for the cop,
    Its nice to know that they are doing a good job,
    Cant you just wire it up with out the switches to get you home, then you can put it back together properly,
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  3. man that sucks. He was just casually pulling it apart in the middle of the day in the city??
  4. I'll need to put the cowling on and sort the wiring out - I've done that before and it's a pain in the neck because it's hard to get at and takes an hour or two. There's five connections to the switch (lights, parking lights etc) and I found out the hard way that it doesn't like it if you do it wrong...
  5. Make sure you do post his picture after he is dealt with, along with his name.
  6. Bad situation, good result.
  7. Its day time so you dont need lights to get it home,

    Put a piccy of the scum bag up, It might stop him from pinching some one elses bike,
  8. who in the name of goodness wants to steal an old R65 BMW R65 005_LO. (no disrespect intended, Tony)????
  9. It's an R65LS and actually moderately rare (they only made about 6,000). He ignored the newer bikes and the scooters nearby.


    I was actually going to ride the Suzuki this morning but the battery was flat.

    Even if the cops hadn't turned up I doubt he would have gotten far. He had a slightly demented junkie/homeless look - grubby trackie pants, tshirt, no helmet and bare feet. Despite that he did a good job of taking the cowling and lock apart.

    Anyone who's ever ridden an old BMW will wince at the idea of changing gears in bare feet :)
  10. Some else with a wrecked R65 BMW, wants parts, and there are a lot of parts there,
    The A holes strip them down and sell the parts,

    A certain pub I used to drink at, I propped the door open so I could watch my Bonnie,
    In 18 months, 3 bikes one side and 2 on the other side got stolen, If any one went near my bike, I was breathing fire in their ears, I couldnt see the bikes on either side of mine,
  11. =D> sweeeet

    Years ago there was a spate of stinky manky courier helmets getting knocked off around the city by drug scum, which makes it hard to work without a lid, even if it is rank.

    A mate of mine came back to his bike to find a lowlife fishing through his top box. Knocked him out cold on the spot, then decided it might be a good idea to call the cops.

    By the time the cops arrived they had received a number of calls from witnesses to the smack down so they were gunning for my mate. He explained what happened, so they had a good look at the junky and said "oh yeah, we know him".

    Told my mate to come to the station when he was ready to give his statement, then threw the shitbag in the back of the divvy. Hit his head pretty hard on the way in too ;)
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  13. I had someone take the steering lock out of a bike I owned twice and it was parked in the car park of the small block of flats I lived in at the time. Brazen.
  14. Great to hear that there was plenty more justice in the world today and that others get to share the happy feelings that I am.
  15. Bike cop was probably riding past admiring your bike and then went "hang on, that doesn't look right!"

    Only a small consolation though given the damage.
  16. Great result under the circumstances, and kudos to the Bike Cop for spotting the deed.
  17. Uh oh, sounds like a desperate BMW owner trying to his bike back on the road ;)

    Just kidding Tony, sounds like the cop came along at the right time & did his job
    well, bravo.

    Too bad they won't help you put the bike back together!
  18. Fixed

    Anyone who's ever ridden an old BMW will wince at the idea of changing gears
  19. This would be one of my all time biggest fears when I get my bike!

    I've read of stories on hear of people having there bike stolen in broad daylight):
    Some people are such tightwads!

    Good on the copper to take notice unlike other bystanders who would of thought it totally normally for a homeless bloke to rip apart a vintage Beemer!