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lowest seating motorcycle?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bluebear69, May 7, 2011.

  1. hey guys

    just wanna ask whats a low seating height motorcycle

    why i ask is i want to get my misses sumthing she can ride
    she can ride scooters but i want to get her sumfin 250cc plus that isnt a scooter

    hope you guys can help
    would love to take her to road trips

    i was thinking cruisers 250 cc
    are they low?
  2. Im 5 ft 1 in and have easily been able to flat foot both my Virago 250 (first bike) and even the Virago 1100cc I have now. Extra thick soled boots help a lot too :)
  3. whats with all the iam short and need a matchbox motorbike treads
  4. harley sportster, with lowered shocks.. they had a 'hugger' model a few years ago.
  5. My 5'0" partner can ride my SFV650 Gladius alright but can only touch the ground on one side.

    She has a CBR125 for herself but can also reach the ground on both sides on a ZZR250 (tiptoes, both sides).
    Suzuki Acrosses GSX250F? also look really short, shorter than the ZZRs but I haven't tried one for myself. Has bootspace for her handbag if she needs. Parts for it are becoming harder to find though
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  7. There are a lot more options for cruisers than other bikes.

    However, quoted seat heights while a good indicator but only part of the story. Seat width also affects how far down your legs can reach and for me so does the bar position - the more leaned forward I am the less easily I reach the ground.

    Also while people say things like I am X cm tall and I can reach the ground, this depends on your leg length to your overall height. I knew a woman who was shorter than me who could flatfoot her son's bike when I was on tippytoes. She was shorter but had longer legs than me. Again it is an indicator of what may be suitable but not gospel.

    Bottom line, as I said use seat height as a rough guide and then let her go sit on different bikes to see what feels right. Also remember that you can shave seat heights to gain a little. You can also usually lower a little but this risks affecting handling especially if not done professionally. Some people have also resorted to built up boots and reported good results.

    Depends also what sort of riding she is going to finally end up doing. If the bike is low then either the pegs will be low and she may end up scraping if she is going to be doing spirited riding, or alternatively if the bike is low and the pegs are high (relatively speaking) she may have her legs bent more than is comfortable over longish periods.
  8. I've got an Arqin V3, a 250cc with a stock seat height of 685mm. I took a further 15 mm out of the seat foam to drop it to 670. I did it myself with a hot-wire cutter and some plywood guides shaped to the profile I wanted, but a motor trimmer should be able to do it if you don't feel confident hacking away at the seat.

    The V3 is styled like a cruiser but has a CVT transmission, like a scooter. For my partner, its the ideal machine as it is low, comfortable and will sit on 110km/h. I use it to commute almost every day, and it's been a great little bike - I've done a little over 13,000k so far.

    The V3 isn't sold new any more, but the V5 (which is a more attractive model) is available from Mojo Motorcycles (http://www.mojomotorcycles.com.au/). I think the V5 is 700mm tall at the seat, so you should be able to bring it down to 685 pretty easily by reshaping the seat foam.

    Servicing is too easy. Engine oil change takes 5 minutes, air filter can be cleaned in 20 minutes and the transmission oil can be changed in about the same time. The engine only holds 800ml of oil, so I change it every 1000km, and the transmission oil every 3000km. Valve clearance adjustment is done with the engine running and takes 5 min. All you need to do is take off the seat - you don't even remove the rocker cover. The engine is a copy of the Honda Helix motor and spares and upgrade parts are easily available. For general spare parts, try Mojo Motorcycle or Laro Motorcycles in Sydney. Laro took over the supply of V3 parts and, when I've need the odd bit, they've been fanatastic.

    The V3 had some issues - the exhaust is prone to cracking at the header pipe. This is fixed on the V5, which has a much better exhaust system. I had the V3 exhaust replaced with a V5 one under warranty. Other than that, it has been a reliable little bike that does a good job as a comfortable mini-tourer and a lazy man's commuter.
  9. A nice site to see if you fit on a bike :


    cheers Michael

    P.S. found it on this site