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Lowering Z750

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by NothingExpert, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. As I am short of leg and long of body, I am finding that tip-toe on the Zed is a little annoying and sometimes precarious. I've been looking at links today and come up with these.

    Anyone who has done this got any opinions on the subject?





    I don't really know what to get. I'm sure I will be able to do the work and can probably get the father in law to cut and adjust the stand for me.

    Appreciate the responses in advance :)
  2. Have you tried narrowing and recontouring the seat first? There's an easy 30mm reduction there, and narrowing makes it easier to get your foot to the ground. Talk to John Moorhouse at Ergo Seats.
  3. I'm running the Soupy's unit on the Z1000.
    Single unit on mine, double on the Z750.
    Bonus of these ones over the others are that they are adjustable to suit whatever height you want, not just a set position like the others. (y)
    Don't forget to drop the front down a bit to keep the bike as level as you can.
    Helps keep close to the original geometry :)
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  4. eat your weetbiks
  5. Or you could wear heels like Uncle Greg :D
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  6. Stiletto's or Glam Rock platforms?
  7. Glam rock platforms of course!
  8. Funny I saw him more as a stiletto kind of guy.

    @NothingExpert how long have you had the bike? Mine is a bit tall for me and I felt pretty ungainly at first and constantly worried I would drop it, but after a couple of months it is just as tall, I am just as short but it doesn't seem as big an issue.
  9. Got that same bike since a week now. I had promised myself to leave everything as is for two weeks to get used to it and figure out where exactly I want the controls.
    What can I say, I dropped her yesterday. Apparently the side stand touching the ground doesn't mean it's down... Whoops!

    So now I think: if you plan on lowering, don't think too long, but make up your mind and do it as soon as you can :)
  10. ^^^ This. I (actually @streetmaster) lowered the thou before I rode it for the first time. I could tell it was going to be a tippy toe job, and the bike is pretty heavy so decided to do it immediately.

    I can see tho why @nina would wait. She's taller than me so may have gotten away with it. Can only try, then see what suits :)
  11. @GreyBM I've had it about a month. Generally riding, stopping in traffic etc is fine but manoeuvring the bike in motorbike parking or other tight areas becomes a wrestling match at times. Otherwise it wouldn't be a problem.

    @nina Sorry to hear you dropped the Zed!!

    Problem is I've got no idea how to lower the front. I've investigated what needs to be done for the rear and that shouldn't be a big problem with some help. I know they say around the traps you can just move the forks up in the triple tree clamps but doesn't that create a problem for slider travel?
  12. Oopsy. Hope you didn't do any serious damage Nina

    @NothingExpert I can see some advantages in lowering early when you feel most vulnerable but I also suspect that one month Is not really long enough to start to feel comfortable.
  13. Well now she's been dropped on both sides. On the right by her first owner, and on the left by me. Just wanted to keep it symmetrical :rolleyes:
    Oh dear and here I thought two weeks would be more than enough time...

    I am completely with you @NothingExpert. It's the parking and the maneuvering at walking pace in very tight areas that kills it. Everything else is fine, I'm even starting to get used to taking care where I place my feet when stopping. But if there is even the slightest incline (doesn't even have to be visible) I have a really hard time parking that thing!
  14. Anything you do to lower the front will reduce the distance between the mudguard & headlight.
    Don't worry, even bottomed out, they won't hit. :)
    You can also replace the spacer tube on top of the spring (inside the fork) with a shorter one. PVC tube will do the trick! (believe it! (y))
  15. I'm starting to get comfortable with most aspects. Just the parking in the city can be a bit tight at the end of Ann St. I generally opt for something less cramped but on rainy days if I can I like to get an undercover park. I'll look into lowering but will persist for the moment. Damn my short-legged genetics...
  16. Manoeuvring on gravel was my big issue. Very very iffy.
  17. I gave it 4 months on my street triple. Now lowered and should have done it sooner. More comfortable and confident in tricky situations, do it.
  18. I think it's better to make the bike fit you rather than you fit the bike. Besides its fairly easy to put it back to standard if you want to.
  19. Had soupys on my old (2010) Z750. Worked a treat. You need to modify the side-stand if you lower, otherwise it will stand very upright. And there's a "trick" to it, the stand has to be bent out, then down, then out again ie. U-hump.