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Lowering the suspension

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I have a Hyosung GT250R which i just bought a little under 2 weeks ago and have dropped it 4 times (the latest being yesterday!) %$%^ :evil: :cry: :mad: :?

    I bought it @ Peter Stevens in Dandenong :evil: who were meant to drop the suspension by two notches (as thats all that is could go) and i found out they didn't... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I have now had to buy a new mirror and indicator and have to get the scratches on the fairings buffed out (if they're not too deep) :evil:

    What should i do? :cry:
    ANy advice :?:

    As cars can be lowered, can bikes have the same?
    And what kind of cost would i be looking @?

  2. Umm .. why do you need to ask? You take it back and tell them to do the suspension as agreed!
  3. Ouch! :( I feel your pain. I got mine a week ago and dropped it on the first day. Havent had any problems since. Was while riding slowly into a mates drive way and the nature strip had a depression in it where my right foot happened to go. I still remember how everything went in slow motion as I tried to hold it up but slowly lost the battle against gravity. I was stationary by this stage and tried to put it down as gently as possible. Still, cracked the indicator and put a small scratch on the fairing. :cry: Luckily the indicator cracked cleanly in two, which was easy to superglue back together. Thats a mistake I wont be making again (with any luck!) :) Hope you get it fixed up and looking good again!

    BTW, what colour is yous?
  4. Hey!

    Mine's hot red! :biker:

    Thanks for your concern :)
    Where did you buy yours?
  5. Red's nice! Looks like a Duke! Mine's black, I got mine at Peter Steven's in Ringwood. Got about 800km on the clock already. I love it! Only another 200km to first service, then I can take it above 6500rpm! :)
  6. You're short I guess DJ? Yes you can lower the suspesion on a bike - obviously the downside is less cornering and undertray clearance and less travel...

    There are a few ways to lower a bike, but the best way is to get a lowering link for the rear and shorter or cut springs for the front...It is truely a job for a pro though - if you are in Sydney then Terry Hay's Shock Treatment is probably the best around by reputation - it is certainly where I would take it...

    Good luck - and don't give up!