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Lowering the ER6

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by happy.grl, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to lower the ER6, as it has a offset shock you can't use lowering links, so it looks like the suspension is getting an upgrade.

    I've got prices on a Hagon shock or a Works Performance Shock.

    I have no idea about technical stuff (hey that's what Shaggy's for) I thought I'd see whether anyone had any experience with either of these.

    The email I got from the Hagon people was impressive "Hagon monoshocks are rebuildable and feature infinitely adjustable preload
    (threaded spring collar), 15 position adjustable linked compression and
    rebound damping" - not that I know whether this is any good :LOL:

    the Works Performance DuraSport Shock has threaded preload adjuster.

    Can anyone please help???

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  3. Temporarily wind down the preload. This will give you a little more room, but not much. If you're heavy though thats not a wise move. minimum preload is rated to about 55kg on this model I have been told by an ER6 owner.
  4. Thanks guys,

    One of the shocks is from ninja650shop (along with a wishlist of a whole lot of non-essentials) - it's great having a bike that was released in the US, so many things to buy.

    Dirty TRiX - I've already got the preload wound right down, it really has not made much of a difference, with a full tank + my weight I can feel it a little, but not enough- i think I've got really short legs :oops:
  5. If you are going to do this yourself you must ensure that the compressed length of the new shock is no less than that of the old, otherwise on big bumps your tyre could contact the guard or the under-seat area..

    About the only way you can really do that is to pull the springs off both of them and compress and measure. You will also need the appropriate length spring - you cannot shorten your existing spring because that will also stiffen it!

    Then you must lower the front end by at least the same amount or more, so that it still tips into corners nicely.

    Shaggy should have told you all this already...

    Trevor G
  6. Thanks Trevor G. Shaggy has not done any of this before, so no experience with the shocks. We knew about lowering the forks to match though.

    To do the compression test do you need a special tool(s)?

    The more I think about it the better is sounds to take it to a mechanic to put in - at least if something goes wrong it will not have hurt my warranty, esp if I get the guys I bought from to install.
  7. Give Ben a call at Race Rep.. Tell him his worst nightmare sent you and if he will look after you.. :grin:
  8. You could shorten the spring in the forks - the extra stiffness would compensate for the shorter travel.

    Then again, if you are avoirdupoidally as well as vertically challenged then you might not need it stiffer.

    Once again you must make sure that the front wheel or guard will not contact the frame or engine on compression.

    A proper suspension shop can take care of these details. There are specialists who lower your bike as well as your bank balance...

    Not at all. However, you will need special tools to get the spring off your shock first. ;-)

    There is no guarantee that having the dealer do the work (and they might not even be competent, this is specialist work) will maintain your warranty status. Better check first if that is a concern for you.


    Trevor G

    PS I wonder if platform shoes will ever come back??
  9. If you need work done on a Kwaka then really you're far better off going to Brighton Kawasaki than any other Kwaka dealer.. if it's suspension work you ned done I would call B Kwaka first then some suspension ob afterwards if they aren't up to the gig, every other Kwaka dealer in Melbourne is a waste of space IMO and I say that with either first or second hand knowledge of the others in the gig, Race Rep, Floyd Parkes and Cosway.
  10. That's a pretty big call mdundee.

    Granted I have not had a lot of experience with Kwaka dealers - but I got my bike from Race Replica and they seem pretty good, and I have not heard or read any bad things about them so far.

    Is there a reason that you would not recommend them :?:
  11. Mick you are to harsh on them.. If you get to know Ben and treat him with some respect, he will help you out.. Same goes for Kris..
  12. Paul, I wanted to buy a new bike not so long ago as you're probably well aware from KSRC. Called them 3 times on a Friday around 3pm ish, not once did they even pick up the phone.

    Talk to Tape about his ZX9R motor sometime that he brught in to get rebuilt and brought home in various cardboard boxes that remains to this day... AND they charged him for it...

    Nah, as far as i'm concerned there is only 1 Kwaka dealer in Melbourne and they're in Brighton
  13. I guess we all have good and bad experiences Mick.. Unfortunately you had a bad one.. :)
  14. Yup and it will bite RR in the arse. At least one sale of a new bike lost and is why I won't bother to attend their demo day, sooner sit at home and watch the cricket or go for a ride than waste my time with these guys anymore.