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Lowering the car wasn't such a good idea.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by azi, May 16, 2008.

  1. I know this is a motorcycle community forum, and yes, cars equal cages here, but I thought I'd share the short lived fooly sik experience with my car.

    I decided I'd pimp my Subaru Impreza RS with some bling wheels and lowered suspension the other week. This was triggered because I thought I'd trust the Subaru workshop to fit decent tyres when it was having its minor service. Turned out they fitted crummy Falkens with no grip and no feel.

    On went some fo' sik (um is that how you say it?) 18" rims followed by some lowered King springs. It was incredibly fun to drive for about 3 days - the handling was great!

    Then came the mundane daily driver duties, where the 'Prez has shopping trolley and work visit duties. Bring on the potholes, driveway ramps, speed humps, gravel drives, road works.... soon the cool factor vanished in a haze of bruised kidneys and grazed bodywork. I also started to realise that the stock dampers were not coping with the higher spring rates, and the car was bouncing a lot. (Riding motorcycles for several years has taught me something about spring rates and compression/rebound damping characteristics.)

    Now I'm considering putting the original stock springs and teeny wheels back on. I've learnt the hard way why the factories sell their cars with these boring wheel sizes - because they actually work for day-to-day use!
  2. Soooo ahhh what country are your parents from?
  3. I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but I must admit that I do have a little giggle when a lowered car drives past bouncing up and down like a pogo stick due to stock damping struts that can't handle the 'slammed' stiff-as-a-board springrate. :)

    As with all vehicle modifications, gotta do the boring/expensive supporting mods to make the exciting mods work. :grin:
  4. I totally agree Spots - I asked the salesman _twice_ if getting new damper struts are needed if new springs are fitted, and both times he said "nah it'll be fine". A strange response, considering he could've sold me more product if he said yes!
  5. Modification to personalise a vehicle is a great idea, but if it destroys function, then I back the manufacturer every time. I mean, I think they know what's right, and that a pure white leather interior, for example, is neither pretty nor useful :LOL:.
  6. Lesson #1: Subaru workshops are fine for standard service stuff - ya wanna do mods, go to someone who knows what they're doing.

    Lesson #2: Anyone who lives in NSW and lowers their car is a masochist - you just need to look at the bl**dy roads to work out why it's a bad idea.

    Lesson #3: There are Falkens, and then there are Falkens.
  7. There is a good reason why Roadworthiness standards require that a vehicles suspension component and its bump stop is not altered more than 33% of manufacturer's Specs.
    I have seen floor rails crack, trailing arm anchors being ripped away, as well as structural misaligned due to extreme stress.
    All that and the most uncomfortable ride, it boggles the mind why some people go so far to make a vehicle 'look' cool, yet put up with such dire consequences. :roll:
  8. And this is why I laugh when people make fun of the fact my car still has standard sized wheels and standard suspension (which is already on the firm side for most roads).
  9. I've decided to put the standard suspension springs back in this week.

    Just to add some perspective: The motorcycling scene is not immune to individuals pursuing form over function - just look at the chopper scene (both contemporary and in the 70s). What's ironic is that these aesthetic changes originated from people seeking better performance in the way of less weight and greater straight line stability.

    I suppose it's inevitable that race bred modifications will eventually lead to retarded bastard siblings on the street.
  10. You mean like bikes with different sized wheels? ;)
  11. I thought he was talking about knocking some chick up in the back-seat, after she's seduced by LED rear clusters and the sound of a blow-off valve...
  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Yeah, 1 or 2" drop is usually very safe, as is going up 1" on wheel diameter. More than that and you're in no man's land on the road.
    I always love seeing drift cars blast past me on teh straights, then having to crawl around bumpy corners, especially in teh rain, for fear of losing teh car into a powerpole on some tricky roundabout.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. yeah I have a scooby RX wagon king lows on 18"s and the ride is a little stiff, but I have decent tires to give the grip in corners :)

    is awesome going up to the snow except when I actually have to buy my own chains (but found some in NZ that'll fit 225/35 R18s :D )
  15. Yup, seen a few of these types of things myself...I always cried....cried with glee as I thought of the cash that was about enter my pocket...

    Although, I think my brother had the best idea - he had a V8 Torana which he wanted wide, wide wheels on. He tubbed the wheel arches, cutting out the inner guards and through the those pesky rear frame rails to fit the huge wheels on. The boot never really shut after that, for some reason :LOL:
  16. Lowered = laughable

    I had a laugh at a P platter (I will admit I'm also a P plater) in a lowered red ute the other night. He was "showing off" by fishtailing out of a McDonald's car park, Then 50m up the road lost control (at low speed) and crashed into a parked car on the other side of the rode, went up the gutter and come to a stop just a few centimetres shy of a front shop window.

    What led me to laughing even harder was the fact that his ute (a fairly new looking one at that) only had two 18" wheels (with the blingy sh!t) on the front. The back wheels were stock-standard and small as sh!t.

    I'm not really sorry to say but the more lowered a car is, the higher the level of retardation. I'm glad you've learnt your lesson though...
  17. Original springs and wheels were refitted yesterday. Yay!
  18. Re: Lowered = laughable

    I see this plenty on P-plater vehicles. Undriven wheels wear giant low-profile tyres, driven wheels wear cheap steel stockies.

    Driven wheels wearing cheap tyres... I wonder why that would be.... :-k ;) :LOL:
  19. Re: Lowered = laughable

    Probably because standard tyres are cheaper to replace when you destroy them with burnouts and other dumb stuff. Though that said I have seen the same thing ie fancy wheels on the front and stock on the back - on a FWD Camry :? (which also had a stupidly large tacho on the dash despite being an auto).
  20. Re: Lowered = laughable


    That's sooooo bad!