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lowering new bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by supagu, May 12, 2007.

  1. i wat to get an kawasaki er-6f soon, i went doewn and tried one of these out today to see if i can reach the ground on em, but i was on tippy toes. Any one know if these can easily be lowered about 5cm. If i were to purchase one new could i ask them to lower ot for me, or is this something i can do myself at home?

  2. I would recommend these guys to do the lowering - they did the SV650S for me :)
    Bob Martin Engineering
    But of course ...... don't know where you're located?
  3. I'd suggest some decent boots with a big heel, and waiting a month or two for the springs to settle before you ower it. Consensus is that a bike wil drop around 1" loaded after the springs initially settle.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. What about adjusting the preload or is that not desirable?
  5. Mines down to 0 because of my weight anyhows. Did that & the fork lowering first up but wasn't happy with how it 'felt'. The only issue I've had since lowering was scrapping the pegs - alot! Solved that by unscrewing the metal bits pointing down from the pegs & of course, once I learn how to get my butt off the seat properly it shan't be an issue :wink:
  6. i have no idea what that means :-/
  7. Well, that is why you need to pay someone to lower the bike and adjust your suspension.

    No nightgash, adjusting the preload is definitely not the right way to adjust the height of the bike. You would be changing the bike dynamics away from optimal settings.

    I have no idea how successfully the ER6F can be lowered, but perhaps if you provided some information like your height, inseam, and location, someone could provide some good information.