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Lowering Links

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dazza219, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone just wondering what your views are on lowering links as I'm looking at buying a used cbr600, but it is a little to big, probably just an inch or so. Any advice whether lowering links are worth getting or not would be much appreciated. Thanks

  2. Go for it. I wouldn't try to fit it yourself, they look like a pain. Plenty of Netriders use lowering links to bring taller bikes into their reach.
  3. some models are designed so they can be lowered by reversing some links. Talk to a dealer about these.

    Otherwise do a bit of internet browsing about the options available. the risk is changing leverage to the rear shock adversely. So your homework.
  4. Ok thanks for the advice, I will probably get it lowered, I'll check with the dealership if they will be able to lower it for me, if not I will find someone, and thanks again for the advice.
  5. where are you located?
    Happy to recommend the people that did my SV if you're in Melb :)
  6. Some models they will tell you not to lower. Most bikes can be lowered a little bit safely without adversely affecting handling.

    If you need a whole lot of lowering though then you should choose another bike - obviously not the case with the original question.
  7. Nah sorry but I'm located in WA so thats a bit far away from melbourne, but does anyone know of any negative effects that may happen if you lower a sports bike?
  8. Firstly; ground clearance and cornering clearance
    Secondly; shock rate. The links are part of a leverage mechanism. The result is the load seen by the shock will be different. On some bikes it makes it better, on others it makes it worse on many, there is not enough difference to be bothered with.

    You may need to find a model specific website to find out more.
  9. Ok thanks for that I will do a bit more research about lowering a cbr before I decide, thanks for the details provided. It helps lots.
  10. Dazza, I was looking at a new CBR600RR yesterday. Apparently they only make aftermarket lowering links for them (the 2007 model at least.)

    Even though the guy REALLY wanted me to buy the bike, he strongly suggested against lowering the CBR due to concerns about the handling. His words to me were that he knows they can be 'dangerous' after being lowered. They did offer to lower it 20mm if I really wanted it though.

    My feet could touch the ground on toes only.
  11. buy it, buy it :grin:
  12. I really, really want it believe me!
    (I don't need any encouragement from you Joel you naughty boy you! :LOL: )

    It was SOOO smooth. The gear shifts were as smooth as silk compared to the Kawasaki. It sounded so sweet, perfect riding position, a good light weight bike, much better tank capacity, hot black bike....
    arrrgghhh!!!! I JUST WANT ONE!!!! :tantrum:
  13. What have I told you about Kawasaki gearboxes.... LOL. It's like stirring a bucket of nails with a crowbar.

    And if you think the Honda has a slick box try a GSXR
  14. Aarrghh!
    The gearbox on my little baby is annoying the heck out of me now!

    I was aware of how clunky it was before- but after the CBR it is driving me insane! :cry: