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Lowering kit for Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by johnnydelva, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    just wanted to know if there is lowering kit for the GT250R? and where do i get it from? does it have any effect on the movement of the bike? thanks.
  2. You can also do things like getting the seat scooped out etc. How far do you need to lower it? Can you do it just by taking the rear shock down to minimum preload?

    But yes, it will affect the handling - I suppose you can drop the forks through a bit to correct the slower turn-in but you've only got so much ground clearnace as it is. And although those dogbone kits are clever, I don't know how far I'd trust 'em or how much it would increase the chances of dragging the wheel against the subframe over a speed bump etc.

    That hyo is one of the biggest 250cc bikes out there, there's plenty of other (coughbettercough) bikes out there that aren't as high seated - have you made the right choice of bike?
  3. I sat on 3 or 4 hyos today and the one i actually rode was alot higher than one of the first bikes I looked at, so im assuming you can lower them to a great measurement. Im a little less than 5ft 3...can ride it easily but stopping in a hurry on the taller version might cause me a problem ;o)
  4. There's nothing wrong with those dog bone kits at all. I've fitted a set of shorter ones to raise the rear end of my FZR1000 and have had fantastic results. Instead of actually changing the preload which results in a side effect of a varied seat height, your actually changing the seat and tail height directly.

    The only downside to doing this is that the rake angle of the head stock is going to be decreased meaning you might have to muscle it into corners a little bit. The way to compensate for that is to drop the triple clamps (raise the forks) which will restore the straight and level attitude of the bike. Downside of doing that is you've effectively reduced the ground clearance; but from what ive seen of the GT250R's they don't have any issues with clearance... and until you learn to ride the wheels off it - no problem.