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Lowering GSXR600

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by sudu, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Can anyone tell me how bad it would be for the bike if I lower it?
    I am kinda short and can just get the balls of my feet on the ground - makes life difficult when I want to move it backwards!! :roll:

  2. If it's done properly it's not 'bad' at all.
    You actualy end up with a lower C/G but sacrifice a bit of suspension travel which tends to make the bike feel stiffer, this can also be compensated for by diferent springs and valving.

    how bigs your cheque book.
  3. cheque book is kinda small too especially having just bought the bike and the bike gear
  4. I'm not familiar with the 'actual' suspensin set up on the GSXR but have you got the rear preload set all the way down? can you slide the front forks through the tripple clamps to lower the front a bit?
  5. Geez I have no idea - I think the preload has been set all the way down - got told that they would have to replace some metal thingies (sorry - am a girl after all!!!) - but then they would hve to lower the front too.
  6. Hmmmm, ok, fill out your profile
    <<<< so we know where you are, may be some one can drop around and have a look for you.
  7. If you buy a metal connecting arm ("Lowering link") for the rear, and have the front fork height adjusted, you'll drop about 1" and it won't be too expensive. Plus it will handle fine.
  8. thanks for that.
    will take it to the suzuki dealer near me and see how much they will charge...
  9. Other things to try would be getting the seat sculpted (or re-padded). Between the lowering links that HotCam has suggested, a seat sculpt, and dropping the rear pre-load you can usually lower a bike atleast 1"-2.5".
    The advantage of changing suspension links (those metal thingies) is that you can still keep the preload where is needs to be for optimum suspension travel/sag.
  10. Or you couldy some hiking boots with some inserts. They give you about 0.75" on each foot. Total semi-circumfrance gain 1.5"

    Now your all except the heel should touch the ground!
  11. was thinking of riding in my hiking boots but though that it was a bad idea - they would definintely give me the added height i need.
  12. send a PM to charmed, she has the same problem.
  13. not allowed to send PM until i have done 20post so i got a message :?
  14. Careful when you lower the bike.
    Putting out the kickstand when the bike is lowered will make it stand upright, more (check the gramar on that).
    Standing upright more means it's more prone to falling over from winds to slight bumps and slight inclines.
  15. Thats a very good point i had not considered at all.
    The suspension man i was told to talk to - was also very reluctant to do it -saying that it would decrease the clearance of the bike - which i have noticed is not that great.

    Think I will start riding in my hiking boots :)
  16. Going backwards: get off and push!

    No, really. Best way to move a bike backwards. Ideally you have practised the skill on your 250, so should be easy on the 600. If not, just put you hip in next to the bike and lean it into you as you push it back. Eyes looking at the horizon and where you're going, not at the bike.

    Easy. :)
  17. MMM not really easy when u r short and not that strong... but i get your point - its what i am doing at the moment. Life is just easier when u r taller :roll:
  18. what is your height anyway? i'm short too and it would make life easier if i lower the bike. i've been looking at lowering links but the one for the 06-07 is the most expensive ones. the links will lower your bike by 2"-4". i think that expensive link is more worth to have than buying expensive fairings coz you drop the bike coz you cant reach the ground.
  19. How much are the lowering links you speak of?
    And where?
    Welcome to the forum penoy24
  20. Well I am only 155cm !!
    I have found that riding with the hikers is great - I feel a lot more confident too since i can get a much better grip when i am pushing it backward.
    If you are in Melb try Cruise Tune 03 9801 2122- if thats not the suspension place ask them who does their lowering - the address is 62 Woodhurst Drive Boronia (this part is correct) - I am not sure if the name is rite - they are suspension specialist and they were reluctant to lower the bike - they said they would have a look at it if you went there and talked to them.
    My bike is a 06-07 too :cool: