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Lowering Brake Pedal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by prk, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. I find when riding my Honda VT250c, that I have to tilt my foot upwards when I want to use the rear brake.

    Ie the brake pedal is vertically higher than the footpeg, and my foot is normally horizontal on the peg.

    Trying to ride with my foot at an upwards angle (ie to cover the brake pedal without pushing it) is rather uncomfortable.

    Being a newbie, I have no idea how customisable bikes are.

    Can the brake pedal be easily lowered, so that it's at the same level as the footpeg?

    Is this an easy thing for a layman to do, or are we talking a visit to the mechanic?



  2. yes it's eeeaassyyy to do, but much too hard to describe :grin:

    Pop out and have a look at the adjuster bolt and lock nut, and lower the pedal so your foot is resting on top of the pedal pad at a natural angle. You get a more comfortable ride, and you're instantly ready to brake as well...
  3. Hi, I am a bit a a n00b myself, so I am not the best person to offer advice, but I am going to anyway! Most bikes (mine included VTR250) have some adjustment on the pedal. Mine really has adjustment only for the brake light switch. But some bikes have adjustment for pedal height. There is no particular height it should be, as long as you can reach it with out lifting you foot off the foot peg. Have carefull look at your pedal, there may be adjustments that you can make, It is important to have a correctly adjusted rear brake pedal, esecially on a cruiser (I am assuming the VT250C is a cruiser) because unlike sportbikes, I am lead to believe that the rear brake makes up for about 30% of the stopping power because of the amount of weight on the rear tyre.

  4. With a too high rear brake lever, you will tend to "over use" the rear brake, which will in turn lock of the rear often. Adjust it so it sits below your foot. ie so you don't need to raise you foot to use it.
  5. definitely worth adjusting and very easy to do yourself - rear brake and gear shift lever too :)
  6. Just did mine tonight on the new bike :)
  7. If it's like the gpx, you'll have to also adjust the brake switch position when you do it. When I lowered mine, the brake lights stayed on, so if the lights come on when you do it, it's the switch.