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Lowering bikes (gixxer)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by karl2ltgc, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Just wondering how lowering links and dropped front forks affect the bikes handling?

    Are there good an bad ways to lower a bike? Stuff to avoid?

    Can you just lower the rear with adjustable links an leave the front?

    I'm 5.2 an would like to be able to get 2 feet down(tippy toes is fine) because on a k3 600 gsxr i cant get even close to two feet down and only can get one foot down with half a ass cheek off the seat.
    This is cool for weekend rides an stuff but i want to be commute a bit so am going to see a bit of traffic ect.

    I dont want to buy a bike just because i can get my feet down an would rather choose on how the bike rides. I'm realy keen on a super sport :grin:

    Opinions, comments an flames welcome
    Cheers Karl
  2. Have you sat on a current model gsxr? K6/K7 gixxers are around 2.5cm lower and they have very narrow seats.
  3. If you lower both ends the same amount, then handling is not affected much... it is very common to do this...
    however a GSXR is the kind of bike where it is likely to be ridden at or close to the limit and is more responsive in the steering than a trail or touring model, so this difference might be critical.

    Talk to the shop where you're buying it, they may be able to arrange it for you and advise you.
  4. I havnt an there just a teeny bit more than i want to spend.
  5. Thought about saving up a teeny bit? If its only a teeny bit then it should only be a teeny bit of saving.... :LOL:
  6. Yea, i have the money, but i wont be off my restrictions for a while, therefore no full comp insurance = 10 grand between my legs to potentially be lost.

    Cheaper bike aint such a big deal if i go stacking it. Its more of a "i could" lose 5 grand, or i could lose 10.... than a "i dont have the money".