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Lowering an R6 ? Anyone know if possible

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mishalee, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. I have a friend that wants to buy an R6, she is only short and is happy to pay someone to make the changes.....BUT is it possible to do at all.
    She needs to come down 10cm, so it's not just a bit.
    And no she does'nt want any other bike. ( I tried that already) ](*,)

  2. shorter rear shock + a seat sculpture and u might be able to get 5-7cm
  3. Dangerous proposition lowering 10cm. These bikes are set up for a specific rake, wheelbase distance and centre if gravity. Any major changes will compromise handling.


    You can buy some lowering links from e-bay or some performance motorcycle online stores. They can be fitted by a mechanic for about $300-$400. You usually get about 2 inches off the height.

    Unlike what you've just seen in comments. Do not replace the high performance shocks or specs of these. You are endangering yourself.

    As for seat sculpting, :roll: Do people still have bikes from the 90's.
    There is f*ck all you can take off a sports bike seat, dont even try. Also if you wanna get a puckered rear, just ride on the battery!! :LOL:
  4. How tall is she? I have an R6, and am only 161cm tall. I havent modified anything and its not too bad. Also what year R6 is she after. The newer models I found tend to be highter than the older ones.
  5. She is stepping up from a 250 GPX. I told her that the more you ride a bike the shorter it gets. (confindence). But she really wants it lower without changing the handleing too much. She doesn't want to be tip e toe but doesn't have to be flat foot either. She is willing to pay someone who can make it right for her and she wants a new model 2008. But I will discuss earlier models with her to see if they have a lower hight.

    (I told her to get a bike like mine TRX850 seat hight 795mm)
    But it's just not the same.... is it?

    I have ridden the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR and no trouble but she is quite a bit shorter than me. If anyone can get us in contact with a modifier this would be great like I said she will pay for it... :shock: :shock:
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