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Lowering a VTR250 options?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ceska, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hi, newbie here.... picked up a new VTR250 on the wknd. I'm 5"2' with short legs & would like to know the different methods of lowering a bike + pro's / con's etc.

    I can barely touch the ground currently on my VTR & dealer is telling me I should let it run for 1K b4 considering any changes.... not comfy riding at all, confidence taking it hard too :!: :shock:

    Anticipate I'll need anywhere btw 2-4 inches to feel in better control of the the VTR's 150kgs with a full tank..... any thoughts / suggestions?
  2. The dealer is right as the rear spring will "sack out" over the next 1,000km or so which will lower the rear marginally.
    Wind off the rear pre-load and get a trimmer to scallop out some seat foam down the sides so that your legs are "closer" together when you stop.

    You can make up some different length rising rate linkages to lower the rear as a last resort.
    Uh Oh! Now your side-stand is too long! :LOL:
  3. Thank-you... I when back to the dealer today & spoke with the service department. The good news is they suggested I go in next week with all riding gear & wk this out. They'll help adjust suspension a little & scallop seat based on my height & weight rq's. At this point any marginal difference post 1000k's will make the bike close to perfect for me as shorty :)

    To say I'm happy with this outcome is a gross understatement :grin: am so looking forward to touching the ground comfortably... stand too long, bring it on :wink: