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Lowering a virago

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by subscan, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. I want to lower the rear of my 250 virago

    Anyone know of a shorter shock that will fit?

    I have been told a Honda rebel shock might work.

    Is adding struts (fake hardtail an option?)

    Has anyone had any experience lowering a virago?

  2. Your joking right? Your arse is already draging on the ground on a Virago.
  3. :eek: :shock: :?

    This has gotta be a joke :roll:
  4. Whos riding this bike, a 5 yr old?

    Oh wait but then again the way kids grow these days a 5 yr old would prob look to big on a virago :LOL:
  5. Is this "just for looks" our is there a height issue involved?
  6. Yes ..it was just for looks...theres no hight problem
  7. There's a similar thread somewhere about the place - where an american mob who sell virago lowering kits was linked.

    Do a search.

  8. WHY the fvck would you bother......burn it :LOL:
  9. Because?
  10. What was in it? Two training wheels and some anal lube?
  11. Yeah and i think someone mentioned razor scooter wheels bolt up nicely. :rofl:
  12. :shock: :LOL:
    Post up pics when you're done :)
  13. Here's one done earlier :LOL: seat hight an unbelievable 250mm :rofl:
  14. Lowering a virago.. maybe sounds good.. maybe even could look better.. But when you crash into a wall because you can't navigate the corner due to ground clearances issues.. you might realise a flaw in your plan ;)
  15. Looks like Ethan's (son3) pushie
  16. :) :) :) Ok ..I get the message..Bad idea and dangerous
  17. We were just wondering why?