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lowering a cbr600

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rabbit, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Sat on 07 cbr600 today. Could barely get my toes touching the ground with the bike standing up straight.

    The dealer reckons to shave some foam off the front of the seat and scoot my butt over to one side, but I'm not comfortable with that.

    I've found some lowering links on the net, and would take the bike to a suspension shop to get it lowered, but have read that it ruins the handling of the bike.

    Anyone lowered one?

    I'm not game to test ride one either :(
  2. Links are available. They have the effect of increasing the distance bewteen the swingarm and frame, effectively lowering the height by up to a max of an inch and a half.

    It will have a slight effect on handling, so you may want to make sure your suspension, pre-loading and fork tension (springs) modified.


    There is not enough of a seat to shave off anyway.

    You couls also try to buy some of those extreme high soled work boots that add an inch to your height.

  3. I had a squish of the seat and was trying to work out how on earth they could shave some off :grin: Its so thin already.

    Have found some links to lower it by 1 - 4 inches, but I assume that the forks would need to be altered to compensate for the back end dropping.

    Maybe I just need to superglue a couple of shoe inserts into my boots :LOL:

    I'll go check out some taller boot options ... good idea.
  4. Did you end up lowering it?

    Hi Rabbit
    I was wondering if you ended up lowering the CBR600? I have one that I can just get my toes down on and was thinking of lowering it
  5. Hi

    I'm going to put in an adjustable lowering link - hopefully I'll when I get more comfortable with the bike I'll be able to restore it to stock height.
  6. Lowering CBR600rr

    I am going to do the same thing! I figure if I put all the stuff on it to stop it getting badly damaged if I drop it then I will just have to deal with it - the bike is way too gorgeous not to have :grin:
    I suggest getting the flush indicators for the front (a friend of mine damaged the fairing of his 03 model with oggy knobs cos the indicators stuck out further)
  7. Interesting... I'll have to check the oggys to see if they stick out more than the indicators.
  8. hi rabbit/rach,

    I'm looking at getting a 600RR when I come off restrictions. I'm comfortable with the seating position, but can only get tip toe on one leg, so I have researching the various options to lower the bike.

    I'm not sure if either using a lowering link or changing the springs to suit my weight (60kgs) would provide the best outcome as far as mainting the handling of the bike.

    I'm wondering if you are happy with the results of installing a lowering link to your 600RR ?