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lowering a buell xb12ss?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Veronica, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Has anyone out there lowered a buell xb12ss. I am 5 ft 1" . a bit short for the buell, wondering if there is anything i can do...
    If someone can help,ie posts, pics all good...
    cheers Veronica

  2. I believe there is whats called lowering rings.. I think?
  3. There's got to be bits available because the tools in the US lower everything.

    Mate of mine is about 5'5" (guess) and he's about at the limit of height to ride his Buell. It's kind of funny to watch. Still he's faster than me once he gets going. That's not so funny.
  4. I know it's uncool to recommend a different forum but have you asked on the Australian Buell riders forum? I don't have the link handy but someone else here might have it or you could try google.. :grin:
  5. i have no idea how the syspension works on a buel.
    But i lowered ( as a side affect) my gpx by putting in a shorter (and much stiffer) rear shock.
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  7. Just a thought but I believe there is an extra low version of the City 9X. Guessing that the parts might well swap straight over? Talk to your dealer.
    edit: yeah, what deadsy said.
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  9. hi veronica.....i have lowered one of those bikes for a lady in the same position as you!It was an involved process....I actually shortened the rear shock....Its a showa(japanese) unit....here is what i done....first stripped the shock down bare......The shock body is about 2 inchs in diametre and it is press tapered down to about an inch where there is a flat plate welded on top with an eyelet welded to it......I disected the eylet and the remote reservoir hose banjo bolt hole off then cut the tapered part off plus about 10 mm....then i put a 20mm solid round bar inside the body and shaped the taper back into it by hammer and using the solid bar for a dolly.
    I then tig welded a plate over it.....its important you use a tig as it must be air tight and tig weld's (unlike mig weld's) eliminate pourosity....weld the eyelet back on,re drill the hole for the remote reservoir banjo bolt hole and rebuild the shock.
    I had to slighty trim the fan shroud down for something i cant remember why....maybe the reservoir hose and your in business
    hope this helps
  10. Hi ylwgtr- what about the front did you have to do anything there... even it up?
  11. we slid the forks down the triples
  12. "ylwgtr" Did you consider the tension needs of the belt drive when shortening the shock to lower the ride height?

  13. Try a pair of these: