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Lowering a Bike!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MrtypeR, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys... my friend of mine is a short ass and shes asked me to look into whats involved with lowering a bike.... Shes getting her L's in a month or so. She definitley wants a sporty 250 (no 125RR). Shes told me that she has sat on a ninja 205R and shes tippy toeing!!

    First of all can any bike be lowered??

    Secondly is there any safety issues with lowering a bike??

    and finally what would it roughly cost to do so??

  2. peice of piss and cheap.

    get longer suspension links. takes 20mins, stand and a spanner to change. they are just 2 bits of metal approx 15cms long that attach to the bottom of the suspension. the longer they are the lower the rear will be (dont go too low though).

    drop (or raise) the forks through the tripples. takes...well about the same time and a socket/allen key depending on bike.

    Thats all i would do....if shes still to short, you can shave the seat...but i wouldnt...they are a pain in the arse...literally
  3. There's a bit more to it than that technicality wise... you'll upset the geometry of the bike fairly easily.. which may or may not be detrimental to it's handling. Might be worth talking to a good mechanic about it moreso (Kawa mechanic who possibly has done it before??)

    Someone here will hopefully chime in who has done it.

    That being said I've seen some really looooooooooooooow CBR250s out there haha, look like they are crouching on the road!
  4. well i was guessing its not a racebike...on the street it isnt likely that you will cause that much upset just dropping both ends a bit.

    ive been riding my commuter, with the front still lowered heaps by the previous owner ( i havent gotton around to changeing it yet lol) the back raised to stock. with a rack carying 15kg's out the back and undersprung suspenders.

    it still keeps up at every ride ive been on. little bit of headshake but thats more the fact that its soo out of wack.

    i wouldnt waste my money getting the suspenders done by a pro for a 250 personally... just drop both ends a touch. but each to their own
  5. I looked at lowering my exes bike (when she wasn't my ex). I can't remember the exact cost but the links were $50-$100 to buy. A suspension place quoted $450 to do the job (including lowering the front via shorter forks/springs rather than pushing the forks a little through the triple clamps, cutting the side stand down a little, and fitting the new links). PS quoted $270 to fit new links, push the forks a little through the triple clamps and cut the side stand.

    The only issue I know of with lowering a bike is that it won't have as much ground clearance for any given lean angle. You probably have to cut down the side stand a little as well so that it remains stable whilst on it.
  6. when you lower it, you will have to lower the front too and goteam mention that you will have to cut the side stand.

    IMPERATIVE!!!! else the bike will tip over the other side depending on how much you need to lower it by
  7. Have a look at the thread "Ducks Disease and Motorbikes" on Pg 3 of General Discussion. Amongst the piss taking :shock: there's a lot of info on bikes suitable for the vertically challenged and bikes that can be/have been lowered.
  8. Thick boots will help too :)

    And if she wants something sporty, ninja 250 is not sporty. She'd be looking at cbr/fzr/zx2r/rvf etc if she wants a sportsbike.
  9. If the rear section of the bike is just a bolt on addition and not part of the suspension, Yes I can lower it, with out affecting the suspension in any way, I lowered the rear of my Blackbird 3 inches with out affecting the suspension, which is still stock standard except for the 6mm shim,
    Look at my avatar.
  10. AFAIK:

    AU ninja 250 = zx2r - sporty ;)

    US ninja 250 = gpx250 - more casual, but can be ridden sporty :-w
  11. like others have said you will loose ground/cornering clearance, but really for most learners that really isn't going to be a huge issue :)
  12. You haven't met me :p
  13. How short is she? I'm 153cm. I wanted a sports bike at first but recently bought a VTR250 mainly because it'd cost less if I dropped it (I have). I thought I was going to have to lower the bike but I got the seat cut out and also gained some height with boots. I'd go the seat cutting option first and see how it feels. Much cheaper and easier.
  14. im the lowering king, i've lowered everything

    heres an old hot rod vespa i used to have lowered almost 4" front and rear!

    bbkit pipe etc... quicker in a drag than almost all 250cc bikes other than 4cyls

    172.5cc genuine 130km/h! damn i miss it

  15. Dam, I've just ordered a lowering kit, didn't take into account clearance!, it's going to be a 50mm drop, would anyone know if this is going to be a problem for 2013 honda cb500f ?