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Lowered Trumpy + Maccas = FAIL

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by GreenwichBiker, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Cautionary Tale - I lowered my Speed Triple with an imported rear suspension link, and then slipped the front forks up a bit through the triple tee; ah, much better seat height & can now plant both feet firmly on ground.
    Next visit to Maccas, riding out of carpark, slowly over the metal speed hump, CLUNK
    New enlarged sump drain hole and $100 worth of fully synth oil on the deck.

  2. Holy Fark! Just how far did you lower it?
  3. That's what you get for eating Maccas. :p
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  4. Ouchhh that would piss you off :\
  5. 30mm, used the Newbonneville.com unit (great bit of kit btw) just didn't think when I trundeled, two up, over the bump
  6. LOL - I hear ya
  7. Aha! Two up would have made a reasonable difference.
  8. photos of damage???
  9. Nah, she's all fixed now. Knocked a 50mm hole where the drain plug boss used to be, so I got it welded up solid and drilled & tapped a new drain hole - all good!