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Lowered bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kurnell sanders, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. I have short leg syndrome and struggle with my 1993 gsxr 750
    (she's a big girl) mainly on uneven ground/ cambered roads coming to a stop.

    Some have suggested getting it lowered others have suggested cutting out the seat foam???

    How much does lowering affect the bike and does it stiffen the bike too much making it bounce around over bumpy roads?

    Can i get a softer spring in the rear shock to compensate for this.
    Your advise would be appreciated. Thanks...
  2. Mine works great, you will be amazed how much difference a little height reduction makes. Height reduction can be achieved by cutting from top and also sides so that your legs are more against the bike. This made the most difference to me.

    Depends on how sensitive you are to bumps, added benefit is to get the seat reshaped to fit your bum, so the pressure points won't affect you. Even the plushest foam can be uncomfortable if it is the wrong shape.
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  3. Lowering the bike will reduce cornering clearance a bit and might shorten the wheelbase slightly. Neither should affect actual handling that much. If you're decking it regularly at standard settings you might have to learn to hang off a bit further but otherwise I doubt if you'd notice.

    Lowering certainly shouldn't automatically stiffen things up. Cutting springs would (the rate of a coil spring goes up as you cut coils off) but that would be very much a non-preferred way of going about it. I suppose it's possible that putting lowering links in the back might alter any rising rate effect built into the suspension but I would doubt if that's universal.

    Best folk to ask would be a motorcycle suspension specialist. I'm sure they exist.

    That said, I'd look at how much I could gain by cutting down the seat and maybe using some harder foam to compensate. That way, there's no possibility of upsetting the bike.
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  4. Thanks for the info...
  5. Just fit smaller wheels. :p
  6. Can't you get a lowering link for the Gixxer or have the seat shaved?
  7. Just as an FYI if you are ever in the market for a new bike:

    BMW bikes have a number of lowering options. They have variousl levels of factory low seats and also factory suspension lowering.

    Your bike is a sports, right? So it should already be reasonably low. For cambered roads, everyone not super tall will have trouble getting their foot down.... you can consider just eyeballing the place you plan to put your foot as you approach the stop and if it looks like adverse camber then just stick both feet out.
  8. I've just fitted a lowering link to my Z after having it for 2 years!!!
    Also slipped the forks down in the clamps to keep the geometry the same.
    I did [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION]'s Z a couple of months ago.
    Didn't affect the handling at all. (y)
    I broke it in for her & the bike started with 70km on it one day.
    Out for the day & came back with 6mm chicken strips & that was taking it easy!!!
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  9. Oi! You were "supposed" to be running it in, not flogging it to death LOL.

    Liking the 6mm strips. Makes people think I can actually ride the thing. :rofl:
  10. Thanks again for the info. Streetmaster i will check that site out and thanks Creampuff, i do check out before planting the foot down upon coming to a stop but there is the odd occasion where the road is just crap. The seat option as i think might be a bit harsh on the backside.
  11. That's why I suggested harder foam. The closed cell stuff in camping mats is remarkably good. I've ridden a couple of rigid chops with seats made of a 10 mm layer of the stuff over a steel plate and they were surprisingly comfortable as long as you didn't hit any bumps :shock:.
  12. Thanks PatB.I will look into it but unfortunately majority of nsw roads are bumpy.especially the twisty back roads...
  13. Yes, but unless there is something horribly wrong with it your Gixxer has suspension. All you actually need for comfort is something that will mould to the shape of your buttocks/pelvis and stop you from sinking down to either the frame rails or any weird lumps in the seat base over time. On the chops I mentioned, that 10 mm of temperfoam, or whatever, was the only resilient link between the rider's arse and the frost induced lunar crater, at which point it became a bit inadequate.
  14. Didn't go over 10 grand!!! :demon: