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Lower Speed Limit for the GOR

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. http://www.geelonginfo.com.au/readarticle.asp?articleid=13533


    Tuesday, November 2

    GREAT Ocean Road motorists will be forced to slow down to 80km/h with a new
    speed limit to be implemented by the end of the year for the tourist route.

    The State Government yesterday announced the speed limit between Anglesea
    and Apollo Bay would be reduced by 20km/h from 100 km/h to 80km/h.

    The move comes after The Geelong Advertiser's two year long Great Ocean Road
    campaign - Make it Safe.

    Transport Minister Peter Batchelor yesterday said the Government wanted to
    make one of Victoria's great tourist attractions safer.

    ``We want to make it a safe leisurely cruise rather than a dangerous
    speedway,'' Mr Bachelor said.

    ``A 20km/h speed limit reduction will help reduce the unacceptably high
    casualty crash record along this route.

    ``Traffic volumes on the stretch between Torquay and Apollo Bay are growing
    at around five per cent each year.

    ``Reducing the speed limit will significantly reduce the risk factor, save
    lives and reduce injuries.''

    Seven people have been killed on the Great Ocean Road since 1999 between
    Anglesea and Apollo Bay, and more than 312 people have been injured.

    More than a third of people injured required hospital treatment.

    Mr Batchelor said VicRoads aimed to have the 80km/h speed limit on the 76
    kilometre stretch in operation by late November, before the start of the
    peak tourism season.

    The slower speed limit will cost motorists less than 10 minutes extra drive
    time from Anglesea to Apollo Bay.

    Mr Batchelor also said about 45 per cent of the fatalities on the Great
    Ocean Road between 1999 and 2003 were motorcyclists and it was not a normal
    ratio compared to across the rest of the state.

    ``The terrain of the road makes for exhilarating driving for
    motorcyclists,'' he said.

    ``The ratio is inexplicably high because people take risks and get
    over-excited by the drive, its twisting nature and scenic terrain.''

    Mr Batchelor said there had been strong support from local media, council
    and community groups in favour of the speed reduction.

    However, he said there was a conflict of interest between some local users
    of the road and tourists.

    ``We can't achieve all objectives but locals can either slow down or use the
    Princes Highway 100km/h route,'' he said.

    Geelong Province MLC Elaine Carbines yesterday welcomed the speed limit
    change and said local communities, councils, businesses and tourism
    associations had been actively involved in recent debate about road safety
    along the route.

    ``Many of the suggestions raised by the community are reflected in the
    package of works recently announced when Surf Coast Shire hosted Community
    Cabinet,'' Ms Carbines said.

    The speed limit reduction is in addition to an $11.9 million road funding
    investment for the Great Ocean Road along an 88 kilometre stretch from
    Torquay to Apollo Bay.
  2. Not sure how to comment on that ........... but , DANG
  3. BOLLOCKS!!!

    All that's gonna do is increase the rate of road ragers if you ask me....

    But then, if they install speed cams as well, there's plenty of benefit for them eh.

    However, you can't save idiots from themselves. If people wanna speed, they will, period.

    That's just my 2 cents.....
  4. seemed more like 4 cents worth , but thats inflation for ya ......
  5. Maybe with constant reminders of the speed limit being 80 km's an hour, some of the stupid bloody tourists (terrrorists) in the road will realise they have to speed up!! :twisted:
    Half the d*ckheads that drive along that road travel at 40 or 50 km's an hour so they can "have a good look at the scenerey" - or they suddenly just STOP so they can take a photo. :evil:
    They would have been better off putting in more overtaking lanes - or having two lanes - left lane for slow traffic, right lane 95 km's an hour MINIMUM!! :roll:
  6. Great, Now the tourist will sit at half the legal speed limit, 40kph instead of 50kph. On saturday it took me an 1hr, 30 min to get from the Lorne turn off at Geelong to Wye river, where I gave up on the ride, turned around back to Lorne, and back to Geelong via Deans March. The GOR is a great road and all, but its a joke, If the government is so keen on road safety why oh why don't they get the police to enforce the law, in regard to not travelling on a hwy at a safe speed, sitting in a 100kph section of hwy with slow turn out lanes not using them and sitting on 40kph is not safe for anyone. But I guess they would need police to enforce that one not speed cameras. Just enother efen Bracks government joke.
  7. While it is a good ride, the GOR is promoted as a major tourist destination
    so you'll get loads of tourists along it doing 40 with caravans too big for their cars etc.

    Thats the main problem , we need a campaign to de - promote the GOR as a good tourist destination..

    We need to get them tourists off the GOR, remember the old campaigns of Reclaim the streets
    thats what we need here, who's for it ??

  8. mmmmmm loverly. as if i wasn't deterred from going there enuff already. well, thats one less road i'll be frequenting, i'll travel it when i'm going somewhere there, but not just for a fun ride anymore.....

    and oooooh 7 people in 5 years?!?!?! geez, thats an insane amound of fatalitites for a safe road like that! of course they should reduce the speed limit, cos i'm sure it will make a MASSIVE difference :? ferkin dumbasses. i wonder how much of that 11.9 million will be spent on speed cameras to enforce this? :LOL:
  9. But Gavin, I can understand a car towing a caravan, or a bus a truck. But on saturday I encountered none of these. What I did encounter was, road hog car drivers ( Mr & Mrs I'm all right jack and the kid I don't give a toss bout anyone else), not only frustrating me but their fellow car drivers. The Government has spent a great deal of money installing and sign posting slow vechile turn out lanes, only once in the whole trip did I witness one being used, and that was by a motorcyle friendly motorist who was moving a long quite nicely, but thank you I did get to enjoy at least 2 minutes of twisties, before encountering the next road hog. I dont care what anyone says if your in a 100kph zone and your doing 40 kph not using turn out lanes the book should be thrown at you, just as if you where doing 60kph over the limit.
  10. 45% of 7 seven fatalities is "not a normal ratio compared to the rest of the state" - I think my maths professors back at uni would call it Statistically Insignificant due to the low numbers involved :roll:

  11. Grrrrr WHO'S two Cents?!?! :twisted: :D :p

    But All the same... I think it will at least make it a lil safer, but seeing as I dont have to spend a great deal of time down that way I'm not really all that affected.... and on the whole I'm fairly sure the locals would rather a safe road...
  12. Sorry folma was being tongue in cheek.

    It would be good if there was a way to book people for going too slow, In a tourist area, I'm not sure thats possible or that you would get backing from the locals who make a living from the tourists. In either case you will always get idiots on the road.

    I remember the roads in the kimberlies being strewn with dead caravans, as tourists would come across a river crossing and park in the middle for a quick paddle, along comes a road train (3 - 4) trailers and bang one dead caravan.

    In some cases it's a case of we need more chlorine in the gene pool :(
  13. Consider cyclists who like to bunch up and hold up traffic, particularly in areas where it's difficult to pass safely, even for bikes.

    I've organised a ride to Warrnambool in early December, which unfortunately co-incides with the Great Victorian Bike Ride. Bicycle Victoria was able to get sections of the GOR closed to normal traffic during certain sectors of the ride.

    Now that's influence.

    In any case, we've been forced to take an alternative route on the way home. While no big deal, imagine the uproar if say, we organised a 1,000 bikes along the GOR and other more popular roads for a weekend ride away.

    Also, of the section that's been reduced to 80 km/h, how much of it can you safely do 100 kays, anyway? My recollection of the road is that there is a lot of road where you're knee scraping at 80 kays or over..
  14. There is and its called police not speed cameras. Police using common sense. I dont care if they wan't to go slow, no problem with that at all. But not to use their brains and not to use the slow turn out lanes provided is nothing but senseless stupidity.
  15. I recon we stuffed this one up for ourselves.

    How many of us look at a (100) sign and interoperate it as either;
    (a) if I can get my bike, through those corners, at 100kph, its legal and the cops can't touch me!
    (b) 100km is the maximum speed I can do on this road, and where necessary I will need to slow down as dictated by road conditions (corners/surface/TRAFFIC).

    On popular roads we tend to ride at the edge of our ability,
    and to put it simply, the greater public will not accept this!
  16. Who gives a fat rat's about the GOR anyways, we all know there's plenty of better roads around our fabulous state than that one, and its constant overload of tourists eh?
  17. I give a rats about it. It's a great road. The thought of authorities restricting the use of publically funded roads (there was a rumor that they wanted to ban bikes on the GOR) in such a way as to discourage specific road users galls me. If it works with one road, then what's to stop them doing it on the Reefton Spur, Black Spur, Mansfield-Tolmie Road, the Great Alpine Way and other bike friendly roads? Imagine 80 klicks all the way from Omeo to Bruthern, for example?

    Oh, for those interested in useless figures, my bike trip computer tells me the following for Omeo-Bruthern:

    Average Speed: 73 km/h
    Max Speed: 246 km/h
    Trip Distance: 98 km/h
    Trip time: 1hr 22 mins.

    So, like the GOR, good bike roads, for the average riders, which most of us here would be, I suspect, an 80 km/h limit, while annoying and frustrating, wouldn't make much of an impact on us.
  18. 45% = 3.15 people. Love accuracy in reporting and stats quoters.

    Any stats on accidents caused by trying to get around mobile roadblocks?