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Lower or higher gear entering corners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 99sydrd, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Quick question - entering corners , Am i better to go into a corner in a lower gear , or a higher gear ? I find that if i go into a corner ( Track situation) ) in a lower gear the bike starts locking up and fish tailing when i drop it down + the motor is screaming its head off. On the other hand if i select a higher gear ( next gear up ) the bikes feels too fast and i find its harder to control during the corner, in the higher gear the bike feels like its floating.

    What is the correct method please. How do you guys do it ?

    I'm thinking about changing the sprokets around so the bike has taller gears down low . Would this help.
  2. people will give good advices here but IMO. i'd do the proper lessons at the advance riding school and you'll learn heaps more there. and able to experience it all day.
  3. Lower gear I would imagine - what's the point of getting into a higher gear? If the engine's revving its head off but you're not going too fast, don't shift down I guess.
  4. I usually go for the Correct gear. This comes from experience.
  5. Exactly!. :)

    Either slow down to match the rev/gear range of the lower gear, or if the higher gear is ok for the corner, just get more experience at cornering in that higher gear.
    Your gearbox rev range is never going to be perfect for every corner on a track...it's up to you to ride around around these difficulties.

    If you don't need the higher revs of the lower gear, then use the higher gear, adjust your braking and corner speed to suit. You'll soon get used to it. Experience is the key.

  6. Sounds like you're pretty new to the track, so I'll wager you've still got a lot of time to pick up, and big improvements in your corner speed still to come. Setting your ways with a low gear that is almost too low for a particular corner will slow your progress IMO. Persevere with that slightly scary oh-shit-this-is-happening-too-fast feeling until it isn't scary any more. Then go faster. :grin: