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Lower Extremity Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by TonyE, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. One thing that I've always wondered about riding a scooter is am I less likely to injur my lower extremities in an accident as I can effectively bail out the side and avoid crushing and getting dragged underneath?

    There is no mention of scooters in this article so it wont answer my question. I've lowsided once at about 40k/h, and there was not a scratch on me. Many motorcyclists have done the same. But has anyone compared motorcyclists and scooterists for these injuries?
  2. Some informationindicates that scooter riders are less injured in side impact crashes.
  3. Leg injuries have always been an issue in motorcycle crashes. It was that very fact that prompted the UK government to propose ill thought out leg protector laws back in the late 80s. Getting those scotched was one of the first major victories of the modern era for the riders rights movement in Britain.

    Edit: I am reminded that the transport minister of the time was one Peter Bottomley (who, to his credit, had the balls to front up at the Kent Custom Bike Show at the height of the political battle). His wife, also a minister, was Virginia Bottomley which, for those keen on anagrams, rather deliciously translates to "I'm an evil Tory bigot" :D. Completely irrelevant, of course, but I'm still juvenile enough to find it amusing.
  4. LOL, Thats trumps Alec Guinness-Genuine Class.
  5. The fatalities have more than doubled in the period (2000 to 4500 per year). Wonder if this has anything to do with different licensing schemes?