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Lower bars?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by duff_boy, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    I was just wondering, is it possible to get some different bars for my bandit 250, that would put them a bit further forward/lower? My bikes predominately "recreational use" and the slightly more agressive riding position would be good. Anyway your thoughts/suggestions would be great. :)

  2. Easy, the first generation Bandit came standard with clip-ons. So find a wrecker dealing with grey-imports, or swap bars with the owner of an early model who wants a more upright riding position.
    The clip-ons from a 250 Kat would also work, may also be possible to fit the bars from an Across.
  3. Do the clip-ons actually make the bars lower, though?
  4. Clip-ons will generally make the bars lower as they actually clip on to the side of the forks rather than using the handlebar clamp system that (I'm assuming) your bike has.

    The alternative to clip ons is simply a different handlebar. There are plenty of different options out there. Jump on google and have a dig. Have a look at flat bars, drag bars and ace bars or clubmans as they will all be more towards the extreme end of the spectrum.

    I put ace bars on my sv.
  5. Yep.

    Early model bandit

    Later model bandit

    Note the significant difference in height/position of the bars.
  6. I see what you mean, would the clipons require using a different triple clamp and different switchgear etc.?
  7. Switch gear is the same. Only difference with the triple clamp is that early models don't have the brackets for attaching handlebars on the top. So you can either live with the unused brackets, grind them off, or switch the top part as well.
    Don't think you'd need to shorten the clutch cable/brake line but not 100% sure on that.
  8. get yourself a set of drag bars, which are essentially just a straight flat bar so it will be lower and further forward, i also seen a set of bars on a suzi gt250 the day that moved then forward about 4 inches and down 3 looked pretty awesome but no idea what they were
  9. +1 to the drag bars, best of both worlds for riding-position and less mods i.e. cables should you have to do that.
  10. Okay, drag bars sound like they might be the go. What is brand are they? Also are most bars a "universal" size - ie. diameter and length end to end???

    I had a quick look through a few bike shops today, however i didn't see anything else on display apart from moto-x crap. So im a little unsure where to look :)

  11. Hi DB

    Your bike has 7/8" bars which is pretty well universal. There is no standard for length but I doubt there would be much variation. It depends how your switchgear mounts to your original handlebars and where the wiring goes, but you might have to drill a couple of holes. If you can't find drag bars in the shops, ebay should help, or rock up to your local steel supplier and buy an appropriate length of 7/8" tube and paint it. Or you could get aluminium/stainless steel and save yourself from painting.

    Cheers, Scott.
  12. Use the Googles, or ask your local bike shop and they should be able to order them in for you. They're not too hard to find. Can't help on price but they shouldn't break the bank. I love drag bars :)