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Low spot with my Chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by spongesam, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    i've got somewhat of a low spot on my chain... that doesn't make sense, let me explain.

    Heard a little clunking... was only around 10/20kp/h then was gone.
    today spun the chain around a bit and noticed at a certain point, the top part of the chain dips heavily and is really loose. The clunking coming from it tapping a plastic area just below the top of it.
    i've tensioned my chain but didn't make much difference.

    could it be my sprocket has worn?

    the rear spock is fine, and doesn't have any abnormmalities though, so i'm thinking it's the one behind that cover.
    unfortunately, i have no ratchets, so can't really open the cover at the moment

    What do you guys think?
  2. Chain

    Relace both sprockets & chain together as the chain has stretched & will have worn the sprockets. The problem will be if you fit a new chain to even slightly worn sprockets the chain will stretch to fit them. Duncan
  3. It sounds likely that a section of your chain has worn and stretched. Unfortunately they don't tend to wear evenly.
  4. discovered that there's a tight spot where the chain joins back on itself...
    i'll investigate the possibility of replacing chain / sprocket(s).

    got the chain to a tension that stops the clunking though :)
  5. Re: Chain

    i have been told by many rider and mechanics that you replace sprockets every second chain... do you have any particular eason for your statement? just curious to know.

    how does wear on a spocket cause the chain to stretch, when the wear is to the teeth? which is reducing the diameter of it not increasing? chain stretch cos of hard acceleration, while we replace spockets coz the teeth are wearing off to stop the chain from jumping?
  6. Chain & sprockets

    Once a chain has stretched it puts stress on the sprocket teeth, imagine two gears running togethether that don't have the correct spacing between the teeth when meshing together, so when you put a new chain onto worn sprockets the chain is streching to fit the already worn sprockets.
    Common causes of chain strech are just worn out, (just think of how many rotations the chains do in their lives) lack of lubrication,(chains should ideally be lubed warm straight after a ride as the lube will sink into the links & pins better) not having enough freeplay, ( put a mate on your bike & see how tight the chain is with the weight on the ground) Imagine what happens with a tight chain & you hit a large bump compressing the rear suspension.
    A quick way to check stretch on your chain is to try to pull it away from the rear sprocket. If there is a bit of movement more than likely the chain is stretched.
    A mate of mine got 74,000 k from his chain & sprockets on his daily ridden R1 by checking the adjustment fortnightly & using engine oil for lube. It was a bit messy though, but it cleans off.
  7. Sidecar 55 is right. You can do sprokets every 2nd chain as an economy measure but the accellerated wear and unpleasantness will be there. Far better to look after your chain (CLEAN and lube) so it lasts about as long as the sprockets.

    Bear in mind also that at any given moment ALL the power of your bike goes through just four teeth on the front sproket.
  8. got new chain on, need to trim a few links...

    what's the best way to go about it?

  9. First step is to make 100% sure you know exactly where you need to cut the chain....then check it again. Once you've worked out where to cut simply grind down the pins on one side flush with the side plate using an angle grinder and then either hammer them out or use the remaining side plate to lever them out (be careful not to damage the centre part of the chain).
    Edit: Or you could just buy one of those fancy chain-breaker tools.
  10. dremel'd it good
    left the chain too long, just so i knew what i was doing.
    then it got dark... so tomorrow i'll have my new chain hooked up... yay!
    fingers crossed it rolls smooth... but, if there's any doubts i'm definately getting sprocketos