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Low speed, low side today :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HurricaneHeather, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Well, I learned something and was reminded of another today:

    1. Pay the fcuk attention to traffic in front of you.
    2. With my overseas driver's license, I am not charged for an ambulance.
    3. Pay the fcuk attention to traffic in front of you.

    I'm unbelievably mad at myself. I was looking for the guy behind me (who was on a bike) and didn't notice that traffic had stopped completely. Locked up the front brake and low sided along side the ute that was in front of me. Luckily, I didn't touch the ute or any thing other than the pavement. My exact words as I went down were, "You fcuking idiot!" (at myself). My bike doesn't look great, but it turned over when I got it home, so it's fixable. We wanted to replace the plastics anyway. :) I got some awesome road rash on one knee, scrapped up my visor on the helmet, got some character scuffs on the right shoulder of my jacket. Bike stopped on top on my left foot, but my glorious Sidi boots took care of me.

    My right arm is very angry with me, as is my right knee. my back is starting to get a bit sore. But more than anything...just really fcuking mad at myself for making such a rookie mistake 10 years in.

    Paramedics didn't find anything detrimentally wrong, so they just told me to rest up and get some codeine for when the soreness hits. Got my road rash scrubbed real good (fcuk ME) and some friends brought over some pain killers. Luckily, the chemist is 1 block away, so can go get anything I need easily.

    I had about 7 men all stop to help me up, picked the bike up off my foot and moved it out of the lanes of traffic. Gave me some advice about the ambulance. I went into first aid mode, ordering people to call an ambulance and leave my helmet on. HAHA

    It could've been so much worse, so just trying to be thankful. Now I get to try and relax for the long weekend at home instead of the awesome road trip up to Terrigal.

    So...how's everyone else's holiday weekend going?

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  2. Sorry to hear this Heather. Rest up and nurse your wounds....
  3. oh HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather that sucks balls
    glad to hear you're trying to see the positive side of it though! Get a friend to bring over a box set of a tv show and make the most of it
  4. I was a bit horrified to read this HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather and glad to hear your ok. That is exactly what I yell at myself when I make newbie mistakes. I can't imagine that will change no matter how long I ride. But really, really sorry to hear about the road rash scrub. :inpain:

    Rest up, and get well soon.
  5. Ouch! Sorry to hear.

    Sounds like your pants didn't perform too well? Were they kevlar jeans?
  6. Nope. Just regular old jeans and some warm leggings underneath.

    I know I should've been wearing some form of riding pants, but I wasn't. Will be better prepared after I get the new fairings on the bike.
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  7. I just FaceTimed with my dad to let him know what happened. He told me that he low sided his Harley in the parking lot at work last week. Not that I'm glad my dad dropped his bike, but it reminded me that we do stupid stuff sometimes.
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    HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather - damn and blast!!!! glad to hear that you are okay - make use of the pain killers definitely and don't try and do anything too strenuous. Rest up and hope you are as good as new sooner rather than later. Good news that the bike turns over :cat:

    Side note had an awesome solo ride today - beautiful weather and scenery
  9. Quite well... Mostly. Had a great day riding with some other enthusiasts on some of the area's best roads then about to go home and I conspire idiotically to have my bike knock me down on my arse, oops.
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  10. Shit... so glad you didn't end up needing the ambo :)
    Keep an eye on your gravel rash sounds really nasty...:(
    Hope to see you up and about soon Heather!

    Hope you scrubbed up okay as well NihililNihilil bikes never make a good blankey...I gave up trying
  11. It's a double-disappointment when you miss out on the ride you were looking forward to as well as the actual accident and injury. I hope you recover as quickly as the bike does with new fairings. Let us know how you go HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather.
  12. Glad to hear your ok Heather, shame it happened at all, especially on a long w/e. Have a nice long warm bath and a few rums! Rum fixes everything! :)
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  13. Good so far, did a few laps of around Nasho today. Might mow the lawn tomorrow, maybe, after another ride :) Going for ride on Monday with some other netriders :)
  14. Sorry to hear you kissed the blacktop. We all do silly mistakes at times, don't be too mad at yourself. Glad that your injuries are minor. Scotch is a good pain killer.

  15. Nice! Enjoy it. I couldn't believe how nice the weather was. Tow truck driver and my local chemist told me they had seen lots of downed bikes today. Stay alert out there, y'all!
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  16. Ouch. At least you had enough awareness to aim for where the ute wasn't!
  17. Glad you walked away from the stack and glad you analysed it well (y)

    I was born at Terrigal ... awesome place .. hope you get there soon :)
  18. Hey, glad you are ok. Shit happens sometimes .......
    ps Had an hour or so on my bike today...bit chilly but nice!!!
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  19. glad your ok get well soon
  20. Glad to hear you're among the walking wounded. When I Did my stupid mistake at about 40 to 50k broke my left elbow 5 ribs on the left side and my right knee. To top it off got a fine from the NSW police/government for negligent driving when I was the only person and vehicle involved. Rest up and use ice packs will help with the bruising and aches n pains. Of course alcohol seems to help numb the pain as well but only in moderation. lol