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Low sitting Open Face

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tonner, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Anyone know what brand open face helmets sit the lowest and dont look like a big black pumpkin on your melon??

    The badass ones the Harley boys seem to like so much.

  2. Nex is pretty much the lowest you can get and still be legit. Other than that get a novelty helmet and a fake AS1698 sticker.
  3. take the eps liner out,
    gives you that low brow look.
    now, just stuff your tongue into your bottom lip.
    and you are good to go !
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  4. The really bad ass low looking ones tend to have the padding taken out, so it has lost much of its protection value. Gets you past the cops though.

    I use a NEX, because it is comfortable and well padded. Feels like it might actually work!

    I was after an RXT, because it looked cool, until I put one on. That's easily the worst helmet I have ever tried.

    As always, YMMV.
  5. couple of the boys in my club run with the Novelty ones and have been pulled up and fined for not having a ADR approved helmet.. i forget the fine tho...

    here is my helmet.. i love it.. i think its a THK

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  6. RJays Sturgis sits pretty low.
  7. Thanks all for the input....good to not get responses back about how bad open face helmets are.....bla bla bla
  8. hey just seen you are from Calamvale. i am orginally from Palintine street Calamvale just off gowen.. moved back to sydney 8 months ago....

    yeh mate agree with you there.. i own a fish bowl (full face) for my long tours and open face for overnights and daily runs....
  9. I thought M2R had a good low-brow open face, but it just makes my head look like an egg!

    Think I might try the Nex.
  10. Small world no Plaintine well, Im off Kameruka st. I use my Full face for longer rides but just want something less restrictive that doesnt make me look like a moon unit...lol
  11. Small world no Plaintine well, Im off Kameruka st. I use my Full face for longer rides but just want something less restrictive that doesnt make me look like a moon unit...lol
  12. Mine is a NEX which I picked up from Peter Stevens. It took me ages to finally find a helmet that actually fit my weird shaped head. Every other helmet out there either sat up high on my head so that the part that should cover my ears was about level with my temple, or those that sat at the right level were way too loose, or they seemed to be lined with marbles that would give me a headache in 10 seconds of wearing them.

    Both the Nolan and Shoei open face helmets were luxurious to wear and fit very well, but made me look like one of the Martians from the movie "Mars Attacks!"

    I would highly recommend going to a shop and trying on as many helmets as you can to get the right fit as well as the right look.

    While I've been a long term advocate of the full face helmet, I must admit that going for a leisurely cruise down along the coast is made all that much more enjoyable with the open face helmet where my peripheral vision is better and I can feel and experience the outside world. After all, that's one of the difference while riding a bike so make the most of it :)
  13. no idea about the helmet issue, but I used to support the 'vale hotel a lot when I was younger...
  14. I don't get how a helmet would even fit when you take the padding out? Even a small size helmet would be like a bobble head wouldn't it???
  15. There's a flip-front helmet of some brand (Shoei??) that actually allows you to flip the front section all the way over to the back, giving you a true open-face experience.....
  16. Shark Evoline: http://www.shark-evoline.com/English.html
  17. heh heh I knew it started with "S" :LOL:
  18. Two words: xx-small.

    I thought the same thing until I read a rather excited write up on how to do it and what to buy for this purpose on an HD forum.
  19. Thanks for that. I kinda get the 'rebellion' or 'freedom' factor in riding with an open face and vest instead of 'mainstream' safety gear, but taking out the padding & lining of the helmet? Might as well put a fistful of sand in yer jocks and a scorpion in yer boot to really drive home whatever point you're supposed to be making!
  20. They don't take it out, they shrink it down by slowly brushing it with paint thinners.

    Just got my new open face helmet, a NEX NJ-01. Much smaller than my THH T-380, lighter too.