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Low side last weekend

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by drjay555, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Just had a low side last weekend. Went out for mates for a casual Saturday morning ride. Been that way a number of times. Reached a slow right turn off the main road at Barellan towards the back roads to Narrandera/Leeton and didn't see the new gravel smack dab in the middle of the turn. It was all over in a flash. Felt the horizon moving as if in a dream and there I was on the the road watching the Ninja sliding away from me and idly thinking, " the indicator is still working". Had to get lifted off the road by mates and then promptly went down back again as I was woooozy. Half an hour later after a panadol and a coke I was right to get back up again and ride 50kms back home,
    Oggy knobs saved the day. Minor scratches on the lower fairing and a bent rear brake pedal. RHOK jeans saved my butt from gravel rash and my Dririder jacket was intact. Thank God for all the protective gear, all I ended up was with a sore butt and shoulder. All good now.
    Thanks to my mates who helped and the kind lady living at the corner house who offered me water and the panadol.
    Incidentally the Ninja has been officially named 'TED' . Haha


  2. Terrible when you get caught unawares isn't it? Good to see your bike didn't sustain much damage (y)

    As for you, if you didn't get checked, you should. Blunt force trauma can lead to unseen injuries that might rear their ugly head in the weeks to come.

    Protective gear is great, I'm an ATGATT kinda gal, but it still didn't save me from getting a broken foot when I slipped out on gravel... glad yours worked out for ya :)
  3. thanks Maddy. The bike and I are doing fine. My job happens to be treating people who come off bikes, remove appendices and gallbladders etc, so I guess its a bit like " physician heal thyself, eh".,.
    Oh, incidentally, congrats on the new bike....luv the green. GO GREEN!
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  4. If you feel fine and no residual pain or stiffness then you are probably fine. No one knows their own body like themselves so you would know if a trip to the GP should be considered or not.

    Glad to see the gear helped out! I'm deffinately an ATGATT guy too, as you just never know!

    Also, what's with the puddle under the bike in the picture? I'm guessing just rain dripping off the bike yeah?
  5. I think given drjay takes bits of organs out of other people he's probably more qualified than the corner GP :)

    Glad you're ok and TED only has some minor scruffs.
  6. Nice to see the knobs save those awesome green fairings! Love the Ninja 1k. Did the indicators and tail survive ok too?
  7. Glad to hear you are okay and that we saved your ass
  8. No problems with the indicators or fairings or mirrors. Oggy knobs - worth their weight in gold. Don't care about the looks. Saves heartaches and your wallets. Cheers.
    Ps.. Busy planning the next long ride hehe
  9. Yeah mate. This thread is a recommendation for your gear. Thanks.
  10. That's only water dripping off after a good wash. Pic taken in the garage
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