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low seat height sporty bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by supagu, May 16, 2007.

  1. im looking to get a new bike around end of june, problem is i like the sporty looking bikes (with the sports fairings)

    last weekend i went and had a look at this:

    its seat height is 78 cm which is too high (about 4cm too high)
    i used to have a honda vt250f with seat height 74cm and i could just get both feat on the ground so im looking for something around that height.

    If any one knows of any post here. Most bikes i've seen that claim to have a low seat height are all around 78cm :-/

    oh and i want something around 500-600cc

  2. I found the GSXR 600 k6 to have the most comfy/low seat out of all the sports bikes when I tried them. Although I am 6ft.

    Didn't like the tank though, it was too big and harder to grip.

    So you after a pure sports bike, or a sporty bike? might make it easier for people to make recommendations.

  3. I agree with al77, I found the K6 model of the GSXR's to be the lowest in the seat.
  4. zzr600, 30" seat height. You're not going to do a whole lot better than that since zzr600 is labeled one of the best sports tourers for the shorties
  5. Don't forget that you can always get the seat shaved and a set of lowering links/dog bones for the rear and sliding the forks up in the triple clamps by the same amount will also make a BIG difference - You can a good 2-3" this way
    Remember that if you're going to lower a bike, you shouldn't go more than @ 1" and make sure you do both rear AND front so that the geometry will stay the same and handling won;t be too seriously affected
  6. I think the best thing for you to do is actually go and sit on a few bikes, take into account that its not just the height of the seat, but the shape - wide or narrow- that may affect your ability to touch the ground.
  7. Go a TRX850. I'm 5"7 and find the seat heat is perfect and the seat is also narrow. I find twins tend to be narrower in the seat.
  8. A narrow seat will (as said before) help with height issues, if the seat is narrow you dont have to bend your legs around it as much.
  9. sports bikes tend to be fairly tall to get lean angle. As said before, some bikes package the rider differently (more in than on the bike) so the seat heights vary a little, but not much.

    You do get used to high(er) seat heights with practice. Some do feel silly when you're new to a bigger bike don't they! First time I got on a big dual sport after getting off a sports bike I thought i'd never be able to get used to it - these days it's just a higher leg lift to get on, and slide to the side a little when you have to stop on something unusual.
  10. High heels? Yeah as said a lot of bikes can be lowered for not much money. :grin:
  11. I was going to suggest that - Koma's FZR1000 (currently selling in these forums) has the lowest seat height of any big bike I've tried. I reckon someone 5-foot nothing would be flat-footed on that one! :LOL:
  12. Did you know that for around $500 you can get a proper lowering kit (fitted) about $250 for the kit and $250 to fit ... I discussed it with Josh at pro kawa last week ... the 600 ninja is just wayyyyyyyyy too tall for me for my next bike (2 years time) he said it was no problem to lower it about 5cm (I think) i am 5'3" he said it was no problem to fit it for me
  13. Surprised no one mentioned this...

    Have you sat on it? Manufacturer's claimed numbers are all smoke... Don't knock it till you've tried it.
  14. yes i've sat on it, and it is rather wide compared to my 250, im sure that contributes to me not be able to plant me feet on the ground.

    also i dont care if its not a super sport, sprorty i just mean has the sports fairing on the front
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  16. Thats why I love them... that and the OW01 derived chassis (itself derived from Kenny Robert's Yamaha 500GP bike) and the 145 horsepower with oodles of low end grunt. Gotta love exup.

    Quarter mile times are almost comparable with a Busa too thanks to the long wheelbase.