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low news day . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. . . pisser !!



    To eat what ???
  2. I read that yesterday on SMH and was trying to google a pic of his girlfriend but couldn't find anything :(
  3. BYO picnic maybe?
  4. Mechanic? That would be interesting to watch
  5. His girlfriend, presumably.

    "fulfill my dream of taking my girlfriend out to eat"

    I wonder how many girlfriends he's eaten.
  6. I fail to see the humour in mocking this poor man's plight :evil:.
  7. Paul's wearing his Mr Grumpy socks again today.

    Plight may not be the word I would choose. All that you see got there through his mouth.
  8. So he was 115kgs at the age of 11 purely though over-eating?
  9. He had to have eaten at least 115kgs of something. You don't gain weight from breathing.
  10. doubt it, lack of exercise would weigh in with half the blame.
  11. Fascinating; no-one's ever heard of genetic disorders which cause unusual weight-gain in young people? Of course if such a person over-eats the problem will be compounded, but some people with such disorders can eat very little and the glands and hormones still over-act.
  12. If it gets to the point you're too fat to move, and you still manage to gain a further 200+kgs, I'd say the problem is more than genetic.
  13. the glandular/hormone issue controls metabolism, energy still needs to be ingested to create/maintain the fat cells in the body.
    so, these people are still effectively over-eating, just unfortunate that they dont/didnt have access to a doctor or dietician to guide them.
    females on my dads side are consistently 22 stone ave each, genetically. one, even struggles after getting the band on the stomach :?
  14. You don't get to be bedridden at over 500kg purely from genetics without seeing a professional. So by the time he was 115 at 11 years old he would have started to understand his options.

    Genetically unavoidable weight gain accounts for a very low % of overweight and obese people. And even then, diet and exercise can still manage those situations in all but the extremely rare cases.

    He decided to do something about it and lost 200kg. You think he suddenly reversed his genetics?