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Low idiling/Stalling in mornings

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fa1c0n, May 30, 2011.

  1. Im hopeing its just because its cold... but, my bike has been idiling low in the mornings. I have to hold the throttle slightly open when i stop or it will stall.
    Even if i let it warm up for 5 minutes it still isn't happy. FYI: it was about 8*c thismorning.

    It seems that once the day has warmed up slightly it has no problem?
    Bike is: Suzuki VL 250, it has a carby if that helps. (no automatic choke)

    I might just be paranoided cause things have been goign wrong recently. Replaced the Rec Reg and so on.

    Anyone experiencing the same thing? Or have an idea?
  2. Just had my mechanic look at it.

    Said its running to rich. goign back at midday to have him fix it
  3. It's not uncommon to have to bump the idle up at this time of year.
  4. took it in and got new sparkplugs.
  5. Had my bike idling pretty high this morning when I started her up (around 2K, when it normally idles at around 900rpm). But it was as cold as a witch's tit this morning.

    I rode like that for 5 mins, then switched it off, then back on - Back to normal. :)
  6. It still did it again thismorning.

    It was about 8*c again outside.

    I changed the idile up to make it quite fast and it seemed ok. however it would still try to die occasionally. but then it would pick itself back up and idile fast. At lights it would still try to die.

    Yesterday the spark plugs were changed and the carby was adjusted.

    What the F**K is going on! It is currently my primary mode of transport so i cant afford things to go wrong!

  7. Idile doesnt change even after warmup
  8. Explain your starting procedure for me.

    I'd be checking all the petrol and vacuum lines and filters.

    After that cleaning the bottom end of the carbies and setting float height. then balance in idle needle.
  9. 1. start bike - no choke, it starts perfectly and idles fine.
    2. put on gear - 3 minutes of warming up
    3. Rev bike a little bit - From now it starts to be shit. The revs will start being low/rough
    4. Ride consistantly with no problems (And no stops) for 3 minutes
    5. Stop at intersection - bike revs immidatly drop and try to stop, so i hold the revs on slightly.

    Every single stop at lights, intersections or turns, from now for the next 15 minutes untill i stop, The bike will try to rev low or stop.

    later in the day after 10:30am, once the sun has come out and the fog has cleared. The bike works fine!

    It seems the ambiant tempriture has an effect?

    It has been about 8 degrees celcius the last few days.
  10. Dont know if this will help but
    This is the current Weather where i am.

    It seems the humidity is quite high also? Pfft i dunno, im just stabbing in the dark now. :(
  11. This indicates it is running too rich.

    Although it should get worse as it warms up. This latter bit makes me suspect a dodgy vacuum line to the tap.

    Or a blocked vent on the fuel tank. In fact, look at that before doing anything else.

    If the vent is clear and the vacuum line is good (I've replaced them for the sake of it in the past), then you are looking at a carbie service.
  12. Thanks for helping me ibast.

    Im not shure how to check the vent and vacuum line...

    What do i get in a carbie service?

    What about petrol additive (Seafoam or injector cleaner) (ive been told u can use injector cleaner in a carb) ?

    FYI: Recently at my old mechanics they gave me the bike back without the carbrator manifold boot on. I had ridden the bike for about a week or two without the air being filtered! Could this have caused the valves or something in the carb to become clogged?
  13. Yes. You could have got a bit of crap in the idle jet air passage and that would explain a lot. Get some carbie cleaner in a spray can and remove the boots if you can. Run the bike and spray the cleaner in the small holes at the carbie inlet.

    The tank vent is usually in the cap. A small probe should be able to clear it.

    Petrol additive won't hurt, but unlikely to be a definitive fix.
  14. Might take it in for a major service. Cant hurt.... anything except my wallet... FFS.

    Lol. Ill have a look
  15. FA1con,

    I've got the same bike, and i've run into your problem twice in my 2 months of ownership. Both times have been in the early mornings (i commute to work most days, 40km trip) around 6:30am, where temperature is lucky to be between 5-10 degrees.

    What i've realised is that both times it happened was when i had dropped the choke to quickly whilst already on the road. These days, especially in the mornings, i ride with the choke halfway for a good half of my journey in start/stop traffic.

    Bottom line is the VL250 hates cold weather. Mr friends 150 aprillia doesn't even need to apply choke. She just starts it, revs it a few times and takes off. She tried the same with my Suzi, and it promptly died on her.
  16. I am begining to think this IS the problem!


    Ill try riding with the choke on in the mornings.

    How old is your VL250 and how many KM has it done?
  17. Mine is a 2009 model, got her at 4,800 K's. 2 months later she's now on 6,350.

    I say choke her away like its kinky until you feel she's warm enough to be released!
  18. Roger.

    Yours is newer than mine and experiancing the same thing. Im less conserned now. Although my Rec reg needed to be replaced at 25000k so watch out for that one my friend!
  19. keep posting even if you get it fixed; I LOVE your avatar :rofl:
  20. Hahaha alrighty then.