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Low fat icecream

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by backmarker, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before - it certainly should have been!

    Be warned - low fat icecream is out to get you!

    A GP recently told me that my cholesterol was a bit high, and one of the recommendations was to have low fat icecream. Now this GP is a good friend of my wife, so immediately I sense a conspiracy. However, we go and buy some 98% fat free icecream.

    Don't anyone else make the same mistake! It aint icecream!

    It doesn't scoop - it crumbles. That should be warning enough! It needs semi-defrosting before you can get any implement into it, as it freezes to a rock-hard consition.

    And the taste?

    Awful! It requires very large amounts of milo spread on it for it to be edible. We have sampled two brands so far, and they are comparable in the horror of their flavour.

    So, don't do it! Don't get your cholesterol checked, adn don't eat low-fat icecream!
  2. And the ultimate irony is that it's often more fattening than the full-fat stuff.
    With the fat removed they have to use something to make it seem less like flavoured ice so it tends to be loaded with gums, defatted milk powder, and other additives which usually means although the fat content is lower, the KJ content is in fact higher (plus people tend to eat more if they think it's "healthy").
  3. What's the point of having Ice Cream without the fat?

    It's like caffiene free, sugar free Coke! If I'm drinkin' coke, I want the caffiene and the sugar hit!!!!
  4. I avoid anything labelled "low fat" "fat-free" etc etc

    Low fat ice-cream is an abomination - are you really eating that much ice-cream that it is affecting your cholesterol? That's a hell of a lot of ice-cream if you are. :?
  5. My brother had high cholesterol so he stopped having iced coffee for smoko, now it's normal, and he drinks the low fat crap.

    Me, I can't even sip anything dairy that's not full cream. Tried a skim latte once - and put in double the sugar to make it taste better - so how does that solve the problem :roll:

    Buy the really good icecream - like Homer Hudson or Sarah Lee - you only eat a little bit,but you still get your fix!
  6. We bought some of that shit by accident the other day, we buy maybe three tubs of iccream a year, as a treat.
    Totally ruined the hot apple pie it was placed on!
    Like low fat milk, the reduction in your total fat intake afforded by the product is miniscule, and the lack of pleasure is infinitely out of proportion to teh good it may do for you.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Don't be hating on the fat, kids. You need it. It's the deep fried grease that'll kill you. And too many calories, wherever they may happen to come from.

  8. diet icecream makes the baby jesus cry
    i'd rather have nothing if i couldn't have the good shit
  9. I get worried sometimes when things say "low fat" and then you look at the sugar content and it's through the roof! People tend to forget that sugar converts to fat anyway if you don't burn it off.

    +1 Tarmac Samurai - Transfats are the baddies!

    If you really can't have anything but low fat - what about Gelati?