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Low cut or full length boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Low cut boots

    17 vote(s)
  2. Full length boots

    46 vote(s)
  3. Non-motorcycle specific boots/shoes

    3 vote(s)
  1. I need to make a decision between low cut and full length boots. I know full length boots offer better protection for sure, but concern about the summer heat and if they will look bulky under jeans/pants (I don't intend to tuck in).

    Low cut boots are probably more comfortable to walk in (I hope) so I can wear them all day without changing over to regular shoes. But I don't know how much safer they are comparing to non-motorcycle low cut boots.

    Btw, if I were to get full length boots, it will probably be the A* S-MX 5 Boot (vented version), sporty look but not over the top, are they any good?

    What do you wear (low cut or full length)? A poll is probably in order. Cheers!
  2. i wear rossi boots, these ones actually - http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=6335

    they are comfy to ride and walk in, have worn them to clubs,etc with no issue

    material looks and feels pretty tough but i couldnt comment much more on safety because im a learner and dont know any better hehe.
  3. Definitely double-pluggers for me. The singles blow off easy.
  4. I was looking at that, but it doesn't seem to suit me in terms of comfort. I was told A* boots are on the wide side hence looking at those.
  5. Check out the falcos or similar, $200 and comfortable enough to wear all day every day, to walk in, etc. I've had mine 2-3 years and they've only recently started to give up.
  6. I wear something similar for more hours a week than I'd really like to admit to. Yes they're comfortable and I'd say that for the average person they're also durable. I also have these for the wetter days. As for the safety aspects of both boots I can't really comment beyond saying that they're what I'm issued by Australia Post and therefore they must be sufficient to fit their standards.
  7. I wear short boots for most shorter distance riding, that way I don't have to change them for work.

    And no, I haven't found a set of full length boots that are comfortable enough to sit at a desk in all day...
  8. I wear full lenght all the time.
    But have seen a few shorty that look good and better protection then runners.

    Joe rocket range.
    Bike gear wharehouse website ,has pics and prices.
  9. Saw a video of some dudes almost fully severed foot being dangled by one of his mates after a slow speed crash.
    So Full length RJays all the time...lucky me gets to take them off and walk around barefoot at work, w00t.
  10. I guess one can always leave a pair of regular shoes under the desk.
  11. +1 for the Falcos. Good boots and long lasting.

    I've also got a pair of the BMW Street Sneakers for summer - short boots but still with proper ankle protection etc. Very comfortable to walk in too.
  12. Falco Axis mate.............brilliant boot & comfy as all day while still providing good heel protection...............
    wore them all the time while had only draggins, since I got some leathers for scratching though I suggest an upgrade to full length.
  13. I've recently switched from wearing full length Rossi 911's to the icon accelerant low-cut boot. I also wear the icon field leg armour which protects my knees/shins.
    I feel the icon boot offers better protection for my feet than the Rossi's.

  14. Good idea with the knee/shin protector.

    I think I will go for this one, add knee/shin protector as needed.

  15. I had a pair of full length boots custom made for me, Just like seemless shoes, but knee high, I go dancing in them as well, Rock and roll, very very comfortable.
    I wear them all day with no problems, Zip sided, $450-00 bucks, but well worth the money, Long rides, they are still comfy, not hot to wear either, and they are lined as well.
  16. I got a pair of these for short trips/riding to work/riding to places (rather than riding to ride)


    Puma Flat 2 V2

    very nice boots. Peter Stevens clearance center for $140:)
    Probably wouldn't have paid the $360 RRP though

    Much more comfortable than my full length boots
  17. i've got a pair of those, they are great, and good for walking in too, once they break in.

    now i'm thinking of getting full length though for longer rides and better protection
  18. Yes, got that one and like it a lot.
  19. I currently have these:

    I got them with the intention of wearing daily as they are quick to put on/remove having only a couple buckles. (can only be worn on the outside though, except for VERY loose leg cargo pants)
    Very sturdy, comfy.. not so easy to walk in, but would offer maximum protection

    Unfortunately i didnt live up to my own promise and only wear them on long highway trips.
    Being in their current condition I could probably sell them to fully fund a pair of more street orientated boots
    anyone keen? :p

  20. Dude, someone graffitied your boots