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Low cut boots.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. My Rossi 811's have served me well. Lasting 2.5 years and looking like lasting much longer yet.
    Recently, however, I've become concerned about knee protection. After comparing what was available, I decided on a pair of icon field leg armour.
    Very comfy with plenty of protection for knees/shins.
    One problem .. they wont fit inside my boots, and fitting over the boots means a hell of a struggle trying to get jeans over them.
    I now figure, seeing as shin protection is also provided with the leg armour, what's the point in full length boots? I am considering a pair of low-cut Rossi's
    These should allow my leg Armour plenty of room under my jeans, and with my shins protected by the Armour, no need for a high cut boot right?

    My question is fellow NRs..... is there any reason why a low-cut boot is not advisable? .. seeing as shin protection is now the job of another item.
    Are they more likely to come off your feet easier in a fall?
    Any other negatives?
    Thanks in Advance :)

  2. That covers your ankle, but does it give your ankle support (aka ankle bending sideways or twisting)? To be fair, looks like the others wouldn't have done much eaither. I've had a few tweaked ankles in my time, up to a bad sprain, and that's with MX boots. High cut boots can't go over the top of your armour?
  3. Nah mate, i have no hope of doing the boots up over the armour.
    You are correct, like the low-cut, I doubt my current Rossi Boots give much, if any ankle support.
    Am wondering what my options are .. if any.
    Perhaps there is a low cut boot avail with decent ankle support?
  4. Have you checked out Joe Rocket Big Bangs?
  5. Thanks.
    They look alot more secure. not sure about the laces though.

    I'm guessing that low-cut boots are fine then, as long as they offer some form of ankle support ?
  6. Doesn't matter if you don't crash.
  7. Vinnie I have Thor 50/50's and know about 12 other people with them. They offer very good ankle support for what they are and they have no laces.
  8. I can show you how to use them next time I see you, Vinnie :)
  9. im thinking about getting some Joe Rocket Super Street boots, for the more casual commutes.

  10. [​IMG]

    I wear sidi champion tepor, which are 3/4 boots and still have good ankle support.
  11. Just had a look at em on here .. look quite good :)

    Thanks mate, appreciate it

    Was looking at those also

    I think bikemart had them in stock..
  12. People seems to say good things about the Rossi 814, reasonably priced too, it's on my list.
  13. Get them. They rock. I know, because I wear mine every day. Solid build, ankle support if you do them up tight, and once you break them in (~2 weeks wear) they become as comfortable as any other pair of boots.

    I've walked for several kms on end with mine on, never had a problem with comfort.
  14. They look interesting. What are they worth?
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  16. #16 VCM, Sep 24, 2009
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    Went over to bikemart and tried quite a few pairs of different makes.. had my leg armour under my jeans whilst trying boots on.
    The Rossi's and Rjays seem comfy enough but offered little support/protection. The Joe-Rockets looked good, offered good protection, but I was after something waterproof, as I commute daily... they were'nt.
    Finally decided on a pair of Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots.

    $180 with my NR discount ( Membership here has paid for itself many times over :) )
    These boots offered a good balance between protection, comfort and waterproofing. Had to order a pair in, as the size 7s were too small. And a size 8 icon tarmac fit perfectly.

    review here:


    I also had my icon field leg armour on at work all day yesterday, Gotta say they were pretty comfy, and after a while you forget you even have them on. For those considering leg/knee armour that is designed for road use .. I give these the big thumbs up!
  17. I don't much at all about these things.. but doesn't a boot need to extend up a bit to support your ankle?

    The ones above look like they 'pinch' in pretty low. Dunno if that'd help or not?
  18. Although they do offer some ankle protection with their ankle strap, you are correct mate, I doubt they'd offer much support and would not protect your ankle from being injured in a fall...
    That said, I'm so small, these boots almost extend to my shins :p
    Seriously though, I feel much better protected wearing these along with full leg Armour, than I was with just my Rossi boots with no knee protection.