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Low Cut Boots or high cut Boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Hi Team - I'm shopping for boots and I'm stuck..... most of the boots in my price range (upto $250 max).

    the high cut boots that don't break my budget seem to be only a normal looking leather boot with the nessesaries like Non-Slip, ankle plate, gear change reinforcement etc. just the common stuff you get with bike boots at an entry level.

    then there's this Low Cut boot that looks pretty darn sexy and has the works and it feels really sturdy with the mix of leather and mounted plastic construction and it's heavy and it's just build like a tank. BUT it's a low cut......

    you see - purpose of getting a high cut is to protect my shins aswell - but will the standard high cut boots cut it? with just leathers around the shin and no reinforcements?

    I know with low cuts I'm getting no shin protection at all but I do get a better constructed boot.

    Opinions please? Low cut (like the one below) or high cuts? (like the normal Rossi, Rjays entry level high boots)


  2. You could always add shin guards for around $90 link covers all the way up to your knees, and you can leave them off if it's really hot.

    or get some cheaper motoX shin and knee guards.
  3. :shock: You want em to come up to your chin? :LOL:

    Seriously though, I reckon the higher the better.
  4. lol sorry about the spelling :p
  5. Hi-cut, without a doubt.
  6. Those MCAS ones look cool, however, if you are going to be riding anywhere aggressively - then go the shin covering.

    I have a pair of these for cruising and have removed the decorative lace


    Very comfortable and IMHO fine for road riding.

    Although I wear MX Boots when going off road
  7. Caution with laces. It has been known for a lace to catch on a gear lever and stop the foot from reaching the ground.
  8. Hi

    Definitely high cut, you need as much protection as you can get. More/as importantly is that you need side ankle and shin support. I recently went shopping and bought the Alpine Star Super Techs. They are the best side ankle protection boot I could come across in stores in Melbourne and I looked at lots. OK, a bit over your budget for $540 (if you look around) Their next model down S-MX Plus Racing Boot is as good as the Sidi Corse which is Sidi's top model. When buying motor bike protective equipment buy the best quality you can afford the first time around, you then dont have to replace as often (usually) but most of all you feel more comfortable knowing you've protected your self the best you can because you only get one chance to do so usually. Oh good grip soles are important for reversing the bike when sitting on it.

  9. Yeah, it can be embarassing :) I almost got caught like that once. However some people jump to the conclusion that laces are evil and I think that's going a bit too far - just make sure there are no loops or long bits hanging out and there is no other reason why you should avoid laces.

    Add my vote for high cut - the purpose is not so much protecting the shin, but to provide more resistance against twisting an ankle, which is one of the more common injuries in accidents. Low cut offers no support in that area whatsoever. High cut offers at least some. But to have *real* support you need to have proper racing boots... which is why I maintain good quality combat boots offer about as much protection as your average motorcycle boot.
  10. I also wear the Alpinestars Supertechs. Fantastic boots.

    I think Sidi would dispute that the S-MX Plus is equal to the Corse. Okay, so they might look similar, but both the Supertechs and Corses sell for roughly the same price ($600 here), and even though the Supertech design is chunkier, I'm sure Sidi would say that they're just using a different design methodology. The Sidis also have a more comprehensive system to adjust the boot to the shape of your foot.

    DUK35, if you really don't want to spend too much money but still want good hi cut support, go with something like this:


    Although, not significantly more gets you the boot smarteeee suggested, which is probably a significantly better design. There is quite a big price jump then to the top line Supertechs.
  11. Hey Guys - went to MCA and I picked these up:

    I woulda loved to get those Alpine stars but alas - I saved myself a hundred something bucks and got a back protector aswell.

    so I spent - $149 on the boots and $154 on the back protector.

    The boots are great value - gives true support and protection. takes awhile to get used to the gear shifting cos it's soooo stiff and I couldn't even hook the gears up (espectially on a cruiser with the forward riding position) but after a good 2 days of walking around in em and two days of riding - it almost becomes natural.

    I love those boots guys that posted b4 like the Sidi and the alpinestars...but I'm broke at the moment :p

    but also I'm really really happy with my purchase :)
  12. No shin protection plates :shock:
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  14. Hey Goosh - I was about to buy those aswell - but I was trying both on and I feel that the Rjays went up higher and was $100+ cheaper. (they are $279 out my way...)

    I really like the style tho - but after owning Rjays and riding a cruiser and taking that long to actually get comfortable with the boots (I'm still not 100% comfy in em.... soo stiff and I can't feel my shifts...)

    as much as I loved those Joe Rocket boots - I think I'll be having severe problems with em on the cruiser... not only will I not feel my shifts but I can't imagine myself trying to break them in for forward control bikes... I have enough problems trying to hook those Rjays on the virago gears :p

    they are REALLY nice tho...... I think the whole Joe Rocket line of boots are nice

    (btw - I used to ride with Chuck Taylors Converse boots..... the most comfy shoe to change gears in I can tell ya that - but not the safetest)