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Low cost smartphone bike GPS (Tas trip 2016)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cpt Slow, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Hi Folks

    Thought i would share with you my DIY smartphone GPS. Coupled with a $60 ALDI bluetooth helmet coms system my Samsung note 3 can play music, answer the phone and use the inbuilt GPS capability to access location data without the need for network coverage (thats code for doesn't add to your phone bill).

    I built a basic housing by making a cardboard pattern measured off the phone and tracing the shape onto .8mm aluminium sheet and cutting and folding it to shape (you can use tin snips and a vice). Making the shade can be as easy as cutting up the plastic bottom liner from a Wollies green bag and assembling with gaffa tape or as i did, making a virtual model on CADD and using a 3D printer to produce the parts in ABS plastic.

    Now your beloved smatphone can accompany you on your ride and tell you whats around the next corner.

    Youtube link to the video

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  2. Can we have some close up pictures of the mounting, please??
  3. See what i can do but i takes me forever to get new content up. Life is almost too busy to ride!
  4. I will attempt to take some detailed pics another day but here is a closer look.

  5. Took some time today to film and edit details of my GPS setup. If you need any more info please ask. I am all about helping people do it for themselves. We can build better than the imports.

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